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Lazy Sunday #45 & Vlog Time #105 – Swag Tales

I am late once again , a whole day this time and you will notice that the Vlog is also a couple of days late, if you follow me on other social media you might have spotted me in Leeds a few times over the last week or so, this was as my dad was in hospital there which has of course meant you have not heard from me. He is home now and hopefully will manage to stay there, but, you never know these parents are as hard to keep an eye on as toddlers, always up to mischief the minute you turn your eyes away from them.

I just finished watching Season our of Game of Thrones, I wish I had started it earlier so I could have got involved more in discussions about it as it went along but I am determined to be completely up to date ready for the final season so I don’t have to quick scroll past posts on FB, as it stands at the minute I am supporting the Mother of Dragons of course lol. So let’s get on with what we are here for…blogs!

  1. First up is a blog I have been following for quite a while and love, having a son a similar age I can relate to a lot of the things she posts, love her lego hacks here though I just generally avoid lego lol but we also love playing board games and the monster is a monopoly master http://www.chiswickmum.com/2017/07/29/lego_hacks/
  2. Next up is one that hits close to home because I remember with my grandma there were times where it felt like the woman I had known had left before her body left but at others she wuld tell me stories of her childhood, though she was never quite sure who I was at times, she knew I was related she just lost track of how https://jmgoyder.com/2017/07/29/a-person-with-dementia-is-not-a-person-who-is-dead-and-gone/
  3. The next two posts are related, both deal with how a story comes to life, this post by the lovely Stephanie discusses how her novel came to life for her https://stephanie-hurt.com/2017/07/29/when-you-dream/
  4. The last one shows more of the process, how an idea comes to you but then you are left with the question of what that idea should be turned into



8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #45 & Vlog Time #105 – Swag Tales

  1. I appreciate that you like the post. It’s a simple story, a very short story nonetheless a story. Paula, I’m a teacher and a published author. You’ve used a piece I’ve written without permission. Would you please remove it from your blog.


    1. I am very sorry you have chosen to take this as me ‘using’ your work, what I actually was doing was sharing it with others with a line about why I liked it, it is no different to a reblog, however, do not fear I shall not attempt to direct people towards your blog again in future I wish you sucess, however, I am offended by the suggestion that I was doing something to wrong you


      1. International relations are complicated. Reblogging is simply a repost, I’ve reblogged posts that have inspired, impressed and I’ve wanted to support. I don’t attempt to translate them. Only the author knows for certain, something I show respect for. I have written to authors saying “wow, this is what your post meant to me” and would never imply ‘this is what it means’. Please remove it from your blog.


      2. If you take the time to look you will see I have removed the link to yout post and will edit the post to remove the full line later, a pingback simply directs people to the original post but obviously you do not wish for anyone to support you or send reader to you so I shall not do that again the ‘this is what it means’ is actually implied by the very title of your piece but as I said don’t worry I shall never share anything sending people to your blog again infact I shall no longer visit your blog that should satisfy you. Have a nice day and good luck on your own in an industry where friends are very important.


      3. You made a mistake Paula. All you needed to do was ask. Thank-you for complying with my request. Best of luck with your Vlogging.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. The only mistake I made was being supportive, 45 posts sharing five peoples blog posts a week and you are the only person who has ever insulted me be suggesting that I have done anything wrong, everyone else is happy to be part of a community that supports each other. I am not a vlogger the vlogs are simply an extra means to communicate with me readers I am a published author, with five star books on amazon, I like to see people I respect do well but today you lost my respect.


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