8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #102 – Let’s not talk politics!

3 thoughts on “Vlog Time #102 – Let’s not talk politics!

  1. It used to be that people could talk freely about politics and religion without losing friends, not today anymore. Everybody has a thin skin these days and get easily offended if one is of the opposite current. How sad!


  2. In this day and age it is sad that we can’t just accept other people’s opinions, and move on with our day; without getting into an argument. The thing about other people’s political/religious views is that they aren’t going to change their views as soon as you show them a different prospective. They’re going to think of politics in their own way, just as you would yours. I’m not sure exactly when the world started to shift and be so thin skined and down right nasty with their views. It makes you long for the days when you could say something without upsetting somebody. (As long as it isn’t something rude, or hurtful of course.)


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