Resolutions 2017

March/April Resolutions 2017

Okay you might notice the title is for two months together, and you will also see the lack of form compared to how I normally do these posts, the fact is the last couple of months life has got in the way. That doesn’t mean I have done nothing just that what I have been doing does not necessarily relate to things that can be shared at this point. I have a grandchild on the way, have helped my daughter move, have been researching swag, exploring new possibilities to take advantage of moving forward (really excited about that bit but not something you will hear about until the back end of the year).

My priorities for the next couple of months is the Queen of Ages trilogy, losing the extra pounds I have regained and getting ready for #Darker2017. It is so easy to buckle under pressure, I have a couple of times in fact I have come close recently to throwing my arms up in the air and claiming I cannot do this any more. May will see my resolutions posts take their normal structure once more but part of my resolutions for this year was to not let everything get on top of me and stress over things I cannot change so in that aspect I succeeded at least, I recognised that I lost my way, rather than spending time and energy backtracking I have simply focused on moving forward.

It is also worth noting I failed the A – Z Challenge but I am going to do a separate post on that. Not much more I want to say here really I have book reviews to write Glossybox reviews random posts and a trilogy to complete.

4 thoughts on “March/April Resolutions 2017

  1. All we can do is try. Some goals may be reached while others fall by the wayside, but don’t let that get you down. Everything is meant to be regardless and even after all that, you still have your resolve to attack the rest of your goals. That’s amazing! Keep driving on =)


    1. Thanks, life is hectic at the minute and one of the biggest resolutions I made in some ways this year was to not be so hard on myself and I have adopted the mantra for this year ‘It is what it is!’ Thanks for stopping by and commenting

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  2. The A-Z might be a pleasant interlude for some but for those of you with a family and a job life is more thank likely to get in the way. Don’t feel bad about failing, just be pleased you actually tried and had success where you could.
    Hello to young Jack, I hope you’re both still managing to take a walk together.
    xxx To you Massive Hugs xxx


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