7. Sunday

Hi My Name is Paula and I am an April Addict! An Alternative For Lazy Sunday #36

Now the question is how many of you know I am not referring to the month? For those who don’t know what I am talking about say hello to April…

Yes I have been bit by the pregnant giraffe bug as well. I first saw it mentioned on FB a month ago, a few people were talking about it but then it went quiet and I assumed she had given birth and life moved on but a few days ago she reappeared in my feed, this beautiful majestic animal obviously now heavily pregnant and speculation growing that she is about to drop the baby, literally, any second. Every time her tail raises the comment threads on various live feeds pauses waiting to she if she is going to push or merely empty her bowels again.

The fact is I too am now fascinated waiting for this live birth to take place, though I am convinced I will miss it either sleeping or going to work, not sure ringing in and saying can’t come to work waiting for a giraffe to give birth is an option lol.

There are several aspects to this that I admit to being hooked on first is watching this amazing creature, the long spindly legs which look like they are going to snap as she tries to lower herself to lie down, and I confess I never though of giraffes laying down, obviously in wildlife documentaries it is not something you really see. watching her move round she is doing a good impression of a duck waddling and I can personally recall that stage of pregnancy, also as she lowers her head to pick up the food she had dropped one leg leaves the ground and swings, certainly with the monster I could not just bend forward to pick things up, manoeuvring was required.

I am watching the feed via Youtube (bigger picture, less buffering) but I have to admit that I regularly check in on the pages showing the feed on FB, it is great to see the way that people around the world have come together and formed a community all awaiting the birth, yes of course there are trolls, they get every where but in a time where our world is divided on so many issues it is nice to be reminded that when you take, colour, religion and all the other factors out of the equation that the human species is not a complete loss.

And I guess there is another reason this mamma to be has me hooked and that is that I can now officially announce that later this year our family will have a new member, I am going to be a grandma in the Autumn but more about that later.

So there was no vlog this week due to me forgetting to pick up batteries but there will be one next Sunday alongside the Lazy Sunday post and I will talk more about the baby news there, I am already one post behind for my A – Z challenge for this year due to being ill with a bug yesterday and still feel rough today so I am going to try to get caught up in between housework and having a lie down.

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