Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review January 2017

So the first box for 2017 arrived, was I impressed?


I am going to be honest I was really underwhelmed by this box when I first opened it, lets begin with the first reason why…


Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie

I have received these previously in a Glossybox, my opinion does not change just because they are pink this time instead of white. While they do what they say in that they do not leave a kink in your hair the fact is they are still no good for putting in my hair, they do not hold the ponytail tight enough to stop the shorter bits falling out and after a couple of uses they stretch and become even less effective. They are £3.99 for three so not overly expensive but to be honest I might use one once in a blue moon if I am maybe going out after work and have to cope with a few stray hairs to avoid kinks.



NIP-FAB Kale Fix Moisturiser

I was quite intrigued by this right up until I opened it. The first problem I found with it is the smell, it smells of kale, aloe vera and vegetation generally, and I have t say I hate to think how much more it would smell if it was a hot summers day. The actual product (yes I did test it still but only on a night) works quite well on dry skin areas however you should avoid any greasier areas with it, I have quite a greasy forehead at the minute and it did bring out a few spots when I trialled it, at £19.95 it is cheaper than some moisturisers but personally for me not one I would buy again.

Next up…


THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Trimony Single Eyeshadow

I loved the packaging for this and was really looking forward to trying it, it came in this lovely aubergine shade…


Now this is a little harder to assess as a whole as the shade is part of a palette which sells at £34, for me I felt the colour pay off was not good, initially the pigment seemed good but the minute I started blending it disappeared, I will say I have not tried it wet, generally I never use my eye-shadows wet I know it is supposed to intensify the colour but I really shouldn’t have to especially at these prices.


VITAMASQUES Manuka Honey Face Mask

I do like face masks so I do enjoy getting them in the box but I have to say this one really had me annoyed..

When I went to get it out it was literally dripping and the mask itself was crumpled within the packaging which was quite hard to actually quite hard to unfold and unstick. Once you do get in straightened out it really did not fit very well and I had to lie down to stop it sliding off.

As you can see it barely touched my nose which is one of the driest parts of my face but what makes it even more frustrating is that the actual formula made my face feel great, it really did seem to work and at £3.99 it is cost effective to use on a regular basis. I know getting a shape that fits everyone is impossible but think this one could be improved then I would definitely buy it again.

And the final item for this month was…

UNANI Illuminate Milk Cleanser

I have to say I really like this product and it reminds me very must both in terms of product and packaging of the products I regularly use by Naobay. At £14 this is around the same price as similar products I use, I would certainly use this and may buy it again once I run out depending on how much shipping etc is (this is a problem with the brands you can only get online) and would certainly be happy to try out further products from this range.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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