Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #25

Good afternoon, I know these are getting later but it seems a lot of people were letting off a lot of noisy fireworks last night so it took a while to get to sleep. We didn’t go to a bonfire this year, I have a lot going on personally at the minute and the monster is not a big fan of crowds but hopefully next year we will go to an organised display. So quick update, the print version of Voices is now available on Amazon I will do a proper post tomorrow including links but the final proof copies arrived and are looking good though of course I will be sitting down and doing a proper read through just to treble check for the millionth time lol.

Right onto today’s blog offerings…

  1. I am a big fan of people paying it forward and sharing other peoples posts as long as it is done properly with full accreditation this young man has done just that and his friends images are wonderful
  2. Everyone says you should always look to the future and not dwell on the past but sometimes it is a good thing to glance over your shoulder to appreciate just how far you have come
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but for me you cannot do better than to look to nature for true magnificence this ladies images capture such fascinating moments and make art from them
  4. We need to support each other as indie authors, we do not have the marketing budgets of traditional publishing houses, cannot get out books onto book shelves as easily but what we can do is share posts spread the word and give each other a shout out whenever possible
  5. Finally a brilliant spooky story worthy of the Halloween season

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #25

  1. What a splendidly sweet bit of sharing you do here, Paula. I’m having fun looking up every link you have here. Brilliant, as David says (and David is a brilliant man, as we all know). Thanks so much for enjoying and sharing my spooky story. Several have told me they’ve had nightmares since they read it. How great is that?? 🙂


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