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An Excerpt from Break The Cycle… 14 days to go!

Another reblog from my fellow Dark Side author Sarah today, this book is dealing with an important subject especially cyber bullying, sadly too many sit hidden behind keyboards destroying lives of others

Sarah Michelle Lynch


“So he finally acknowledged something is wrong, but he didn’t suggest you should do anything about it?” My colleague Ruby is stood with me in the English office the morning after, scanning me for telltale signs of rage.

“He flat out said we should leave it until Joe is ready to tell us what’s going on.”

“Oh dear.” She reads my exasperation. “Listen… Jules. Joe is his son.”

I flash her my eyes. Has she forgotten about the things Joe and me have been through together? He’s as much my son as my twins are. I care about Joe just the same.

“Ruby.” I turn myself fully towards her, putting my cup of tea on the worktop, my hands free to make sweeping movements to enforce my passion on this. “It’s something in my gut, telling me there’s something wrong. I don’t know, but when it comes to kids…

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One thought on “An Excerpt from Break The Cycle… 14 days to go!

  1. There are still people whose mindset takes great pleasure in, and feeds off the pain they cause others. Hard to imagine how anyone can do that and still appear normal to the rest of us. The internet should be taken away fro them if found.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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