Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review – September 2016

I was thrilled to discover a vibrant red box when I opened up the outer packaging this month…


I opened it up and had mixed feelings out what I saw, I was thrilled to see my MUA palette but disappointed to see two facemasks


So first up let me show you the palette I chose for last month…


MUA Eyeshadow Palette

As you can see although it does have one or two neutral colours the rest are a mix of shades which can be mixed or matched with each other or the neutral shades to create more dramatic style, like the other palette this s only £4 so great value for money.

So the first real product of this box lets start with one of the face masks…


The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying glow Mask

I think this was more of a sample than a product, there were no details for it on the card I looked it up on line and found it had great reviews and a tub was priced at £15. Now you guys know I do try these things for you even those I am sceptical of but this I was looking forward to, right until the point I put it on my face. I did my best to keep it on for the minimum five minutes suggested but lasted only two as it felt like my face was on fire. as I say it has great reviews and my skin is not usually the type to react so strongly but obviously something in this did not agree with me, so I would certainly suggest calling into a store and maybe asking if they have any samples to try before buying.

Next up…


RODIAL Smokey Eye Pen

I was confused at first by this, the description seemed to suggest it should have a smudger at one end which it did not and it is a definite pencil rather than a pen. I have to be honest it was a good pencil bt not sure it justified the £17 price tag, however I did not get to test it for how long wearing it was as my daughter stole it.

Next up handy for Winter…



When you first put this on it does make your mouth feel a little oily, but it soaks in after only a few minutes to give a rather nice moisturised feeling, I love the fact that it is organic and that it doubles up really nicely as a top coat on top of lipstick which can be quite drying especially in Winter, so this gives dual possibilities for use. At £12 there are of course a lot cheaper lip balms about but the antioxident properties might just be the added value that justify the price tag.

Next up something else I was a little disappointed to see…


REVLON Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat

I was disappointed to see this because I have numerous top coats already of various makes that have been bought on their own or have come as part of sets and to be honest I very rarely use them. This one is priced £7.99 but to be honest I cannot honestly say it made much difference to how long my nail varnish lasted, I have yet to try one that really blew my mind and this was no different.

Next up the second mask…



You will remember a few months ago I received a similar mask and struggled to keep it on for the required time as it did not fit well and kept sliding down, well, this one has one design feature that is a definite improvement…


The mask actually comes in two parts which does mean it gives more flexibility in terms of fitting to different shape faces, I did still end up having to lie down while wearing it but that was due to how much product there was on the mask. The mask costs £7.99 so it is more expensive than some other masks but it did work in that my skin felt wonderful after, though I cannot honestly say the feeling lasted 120 hours but if I came across it in a shop I might buy it again especially during Winter months where the skin takes a hammering from the weather.


The one thing I would say is the feel of this mask may not be for everyone, it does feel as slimy as it looks and feels very cold when you first put it on, it has so much product on it I did even contemplate trying to put it in a sealed bag and see if I could get more than one use out of it but decided not to try in the end.

The final product…


TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara

Occasionally you receive a product and end up being so glad you got is for all the wrong reasons! I have come so close to buying this mascara on numerous occasions based on all the times I have heard people rave about it, however the price tag put me off they lis the RRP here as £19 but if you look on Amazon you will see the price on there around the £26 mark, now the price itself is not really an issue I pay around the same for my Tarte mascara but if I had shelled out that money on this I would have been crying, and had track marks down my cheeks.


The wand was okay, obviously as this is a trial size it is rather short but I didn’t mind the applicator what I did mind was three layers later I still didn’t feel like my lashes looked anywhere nearly as long and full as I like them, if the seriously believe this mascara is better than sex they have led a very sheltered life. Normally I would be gutted to have received a mascara that did so little for me but the fact this saved me a wad of money made up for it.

Overall not a great box for me and if my eyeshadow palette had not been in it I would have been very disappointed at the contents but it was a lesson learned about the mascara at a fraction of the cost of buying it.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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