Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #24

It has been a strange week I have been trying to sort out a few things in my own head emotionally which I won’t go into here, but they are the usual things, what do I want, what will I accept, what will I settle for?

In my case I have never been one for settling, I am very much an all or nothing person, I would rather dive in and fail than dip in a toe and back off scared of the water, but with age you realise the risks more, and taking that plunge becomes more difficult, you know what you have to lose, possibly have already come close to drowning, and fear the experience being repeated. But the idea of settling, over short changing yourself and in turn others does not appeal to me, maybe I have an inflated sense of my own worth but I do think we all deserve to be happy, to find someone who makes us happy that we can walk side by side with as equals, am not sure if there is anyone out there who will fill all my criteria but I know I would be much happier alone than trying to make do with the wrong person.

But enough of me, it is Sunday so you are here to share blog posts so here we go…

  1. The first blog I am sharing is from a FB friend and I love the fact this lady is getting her well deserved success but she also brings home the realities of being an author, that unless you actually have lots of money, a rich husband or a Hollywood film deal the chances are the life of an author is far less glamorous on most days than people think
  2. The next post I am sharing deals with a similar subject in some ways, how do you write and earn a living at the same time, if you hit hard times is it okay to ask for help? Some people have been slated for setting up Kickstarters, Patreons and other fundraising things to help pay the bills while they write, personally I believe that as long as you are being honest about what you are asking for the money for it is totally up to individuals to decide if they wish to give, so I am sharing this post you can take a look for your selves and make up your own minds
  3. The next blog is one of my favourite bloggers for sharing insights into their personal life, I love his humour and he is a very special friend, always ready with hugs and a smile, if you don’t follow him already then you should,
  4. Next a a blog post from a lovely lady who frequently visits me here, she sells exquisite hand made jewellery but it was the sentiment of this post that caught my attention today
  5. Finally a free book, and one I just grabbed for myself as given my own experiences with a dating site recently I can see the potential humour,

And don’t forget you can still get my book for free today if you have not already grabbed one…

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