8. Vlog Time · Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #21 Vlog Time #76

Am back!

Did you miss me? What can I tell you am back, my hair has gone alarmingly pink lol but I am feeling really good. I needed to take a step back to make some decisions about my personal life or to be fair my lack of it, so I made some changes, joined a dating site, despaired of the human race and came to some conclusions but this is not the place to talk about those but I will post at a later date about some of the conclusions I reached.

So lets get this done. I am heading out this afternoon to the cinema with the kids to see this film…

So for now a couple of blog posts to share and a vlog then back to normal from tomorrow…

  1. It seems so long since I had an away day, really feel the need for one growing especially after seeing posts like this https://nigelborrington.com/2016/09/06/september-on-the-river-swans-on-the-river-suir-county-tipperary-photo-story/
  2. I personally try not to put too much faith into statistics, after all I have never actually met anyone who has taken part in one but regardless of the inspiration this post is still genius https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/2016/09/06/the-health-benefits-of-reading-fiction-guest-post/
  3. As you know I do love my notebooks and keep a rather sporadic journal, however although I can see the merits of this particular technique I fear it is not for me however I thought I would share it just incase it is the right fit for any of you https://frootbat31.wordpress.com/2016/09/03/the-joy-and-woe-of-morning-pages/



Catch you all next week for coffee and a chat and scheduled posts in between xxx

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