Vlog Time #74 – Keeping Things Constant

3 thoughts on “Vlog Time #74 – Keeping Things Constant

  1. I found this post very interesting Paula. It is so hard to juggle life and blog. The blog world is a very tempting place to be, as the real world is full of difficulties and hard work . Emotionally and physically the real world is HARD! You did seem a little stressed towards the end of the vlog so sending you a hug if I was mistaken please accept the hug anyway! 🤗😘😊


    1. Was a little stressed mainly with the dog, he is just being a little git this week, not sure if it is the heat or he has hit doggy puberty but he is certainly acting like a stroppy teen lol

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      1. Bless dogs can be a mixed blessing at times!! 🙂 but mainly they are great companions!


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