Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #18 And An Olympic Hangover

Around 3am I climbed into bed exhausted, while I may not have run 5000km last night, or 800m, or even one leg of the 4 x 400m, physically, let me tell you mentally I ran every single one! I bounced in my seat cheering Team GB on  to what has been our best ever medal haul at an Olympics. For this lazy Sunday I will share a couple of blogs still but I want to talk about sport first.

At school they try to tell you it is the taking part that counts not winning and, to an extent that it true, but once you reach the levels these athletes reach winning means performing to the very best of your ability, we have seen elation and heartbreak, and we have heard athlete after athlete, swimmers, cyclists and representatives from every sport thank the National Lottery who fund many of the projects. I have also seen on FB people complaining the lottery money is being used in this way and that saddens me, it saddens me they are so short sighted they do not understand how the success of a small group of individuals can inspire hundreds of children to decide they want to give a sport a try. We live in a time where schools and councils have sold off playing fields, free sports other than football, cricket and rugby are becoming fewer, and at a time when the world is in such turmoil and hate seems some days to get the upper hand they dismiss the way in which sport bring people together. Maybe this more than any other image sums up to me the lessons are youth can learn from the Olympics, that even in your own quest for success and glory, compassion, camaraderie, and decency bring you just as much respect if not more.


One of our greatest athletes, Mo Farah was born in another country and there are those who would argue that he should not be here but I guarantee you not one of them feels the same pride in our country as he does, they would not be willing to put in the hard hours, gruelling training sessions to pull on that vest and represent us all, anyone who questions if an immigrant should represent a country only needs to listen to him talk about how much the British shirt means to him.

Sport brings together people from different countries, backgrounds and beliefs together and I think even more so at this games we are seeing a break down of barriers, people challenging taboo subjects…

The last video there features a controversial character because of a medical condition which means her body produces high levels of testosterone, she has had to fight to compete and if you consider her appearance she does indeed appear masculine, but so do some others without any genetic reasons, there is an argument that it gives her an advantage but if that were true she would never have won a silver previously and would all the records, she has proved medically she fits the criteria to compete and that should be enough.

Sport is the one thing that has the potential to bring equality, understanding and friendship between nations, both teams and fans, okay some sports such as football the rivalries get out of hand but think rugby, think of those who cheered Michael Phelps on to his final golds, we should encourage anything that promotes healthy activity, team work and harmony.

So it is evening now, my daughter has been here all day, she was supposed to be going out with a friend but a cancellation saw her show up on my doorstep and we have spent the day watching wrestling and sorting out book shelves, I swear even I wonder at times if there is such a thing as too many books then realise I just need a bigger house and it will all be okay. As it has got so late I am going to just share a couple of blogs then head off to write a book review for tomorrow before watching the closing ceremony in bed…

  1. First up your chance to grab a free book over on Mel’s blog, not only is she a brilliant writer she also designed my Voices cover so I may be biased
  2. I have never been to the Edinburgh Fringe but blogging means you can often live vicariously through others

Going to hit publish now and get off to bed I really will be back to normal soon I promise, but at least this week I can get back to sleep properly.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #18 And An Olympic Hangover

  1. Well said Sweetie. People who don’t like the lottery funding sport can do a different lottery,but we’ve known for a long time that the lottery funds good causes and the need for athletes to be able to train and to have the opportunity to get to the Olympics to represent their country is a good enough cause.
    There’s been a tremendous amount of national pride this last couple of weeks as medal after medal has been won. Without the lottery that wouldn’t have happened.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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