Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #17

This morning I am doing an impression of a zombie, and though I am starting this in the morning I can see it stretching ahead into the afternoon before I make the post coherent enough to hit publish.

Staying up until four this morning made perfect sense at the time. You start watching athletics, then you think I will just watch one more event, then just one more jump. then before you know it. you are only an hour away from the final of the heptathlon with it hanging in the balance for you country’s defending champion. and you think what the hell I may as well watch it, saves catching up in the morning.

Before I start with the post I want to take a minute to send love to two fellow bloggers who are dealing with the harsh realities of life this week, first Veggiewitch who has gone through that painful process this week of losing her mum, and the second is Julie who is facing losing her beloved husband Ants, though the type of loss is different both these incredible women have shared their incredibly powerful experiences of seeing their loved ones deteriorate and battle different forms of dementia. Their strength and compassion is outstanding and though neither of them probably realise it their courage at sharing their stories will be helping so many others dealing with the grief that comes with watching a loved one slip away even before the body gives up. I wish I could reach across the appropriate oceans and give them a hug each but instead I can only send love and cyber hugs.

So on with a few posts for this week…

  1. First up a photo/poetry post from an amazing Irish photographer, I have featured this blog before but especially at times when things are tough I always find the beauty of nature to be soothing, I have written my best poetry sat in the middle of a field with a notebook and pen in hand and these photos make me think of those days,
  2. Next up I am featuring an author who will be at the same signing of me next year in Peterborough, as you all know I don’t write a lot of poetry, my daughter is far more talented in that direction but that does not mean I do not enjoy reading it, this struck me as quite profound, especially if I look around those friends who I love most in real life though I like to believe

Sorry but due to distractions you only got two today, blame my daughter, she showed up for dinner then insisted we watch a film, we watch Pan and it was actually really good but then I had to catch up on the Olympics so here is the Pan trailer and I will catch you next week with the normal five blog shares xxx


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #17

  1. If you’re going to be staying up till all hours like that Paula, you’re soon going to be enjoying the pleasures of the afternoon nap.Believe me, they’re worth the staying up for.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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