Glossybox Monthly Review

GlossyBox Review – June 2016

So we are definitely playing catch up so you will be getting one of these a fortnight for the next couple of months, I get annoyed with myself when I get behind but it has been summer holidays, I have published a book and the Olympics are on, so lets get this first one done then I can find the photos I took for the next one and then open the box that just arrived…


So the first thing I noticed was that when I opened this is I was a product short, however I rang them and they sent the missing item plus a bonus item as compensation.

So lets start with the item I was most disappointed by


SPA TO YOU Konjac Sponge

Now this product I went up and down in my feelings towards, it arrived in a pouch and felt a little like a loofah, you open it then add water, a scrub or body wash ,and then use it to buff the skin. So far so good, except when you add the water it feels really strange, a little like holding a wad of cold cooked pasta.

DSC01992The sponge is small and fits in the palm of the hand it even has a little string you can put your fingers through to ensure you hold onto it easier while using it. Because it is so small I found that realistically it was only really any good on the face, to try to scrub your whole body with it would be too much like hard work. Now I have to say once I got used to the feel of it, it actually did work really well however my enjoyment of it was short lived.

This product is not suitable for anyone who shares their bathroom with kids, you know the type of kids who leave things all over the place, I had been careful to hang it up on the shower holder, but the monster had been in the bath and of course had to try it out but instead of hanging it back up he threw it on the side then dumped a wet sponge on top of it. I did not notice until the next evening and by then it was too late, left wet it had, for the want of a better description, melted and had to be binned. At £6.99 it is not expensive but I will not be replacing it on the grounds that I know it would only happen again.

Next up…


LADIVAL Sun Protection SPF 15

I have to be honest this has probably not really had a proper trial, being a Brit our weather is not the best most of the time and as so often happens the sun has shone most when I have been working. But regardless I gave it a try, it goes on well, no smell as such but that is all I can really say, maybe if the sun returns properly I will get chance to try it out more but it is too low a factor to put on the monster it will have to wait until I have time to soak up some rays. However I have to say at £19.99 there are a lot of cheaper options out there so this would have to be pretty special to make me splash out on it.

Next up…


EMITE MAKE UP Lip & Cheek Tint

When I first saw this I was excited, then I saw the word tint and my heart sank. I think the problem is, when I put make up on, I put make up on, I don’t do a like bit of subtle colour and this gives at best a very subtle colour. On the lips it feels like water, and for both lips and cheeks it took a couple of applications before I could see any difference.


It has a nice applicator, and maybe if you used it as a pick me up over other make up, maybe it would do something, but at £12.50, it is a lot of money to pay for something that makes me think of kids play make up.

So far the box has been disappointing but on to the next item…


ORIGINS Drink UP™ Intensive Overnight Mask To Quench Skin’s Thirst

I am not sure they could have made the name for this much longer, but the product itself is rather good. It does have a bit of a smell which is somewhere between floral and chemical but in fact it reminds me a little of certain sun creams but it does work well and at £23 it is not overly expensive compared to other similar products,. and I might consider buying it in the future.

The last item that arrived in the box was a sample…


Aussie Hair Care 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor deep Conditioner

It gives the price at around £1.09 per sachet but I am sure they do this in a bottle for just over £3 which would be better value for money, like the rest of the range this is a great product and is one I have bought and used previously.

So one phone call and a day or two later a package arrives with the missing product…


De Bruyere After Sun  Lotion Monoi

I was eager to try this because I do find that some after sun creams have a bit of an unpleasant smell, especially if you are going out, this has quite a nice floral smell and soaks into the skin really well. I can’t tell you if it really does prolong your tan as I never have one but at £9.98 this would be a nice alternative to the usual aloe vera based ones.

And finally the bonus item…


Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner

I really appreciated the bonus gift as an apology for the missing item, or I would have had my daughter not walked out of the door with it. I did however manage to get a couple of photos and try applying it before she did so I can review it as well, it comes in a nice little pot with quite a good quality mini brush…

DSC01998I was sent a black one and you can never have too much black eyeliner for my money. It went on well and for the chance I got to try it out did not smudge though I confess I did not apply full eyes or wear it for long enough to swear to that. It is sold at Superdrug for £4.99 though when I looked it up there did appear to be some cheaper on other sites, really good value for money and I might buy it for myself once the gel eyeliner I already own runs low.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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