New Trailer

Hi guys sorry for my silence but I have been busy putting the final touches to what will be the final edit of Voices Across The Void, it is available for pre-order on Amazon and although letting go of this book has been really hard I am finally pleased with the book I am putting out there, the stories are more about the voices of the ghosts than traditional ghost stories so while I finish up and have a couple of days to chill while it goes through the approval process enjoy this trailer, and if you listen carefully you might just hear a familiar voice.


9 comments on “New Trailer

  1. Hi Paula, I left the comment below on your video and have to say how amazingly creative and awesome it and you are! I know how much work you have put into this!

    “Great Trailer Paula. You have put such a lot of hard work into this and the results are amazing, great effects, well done, congratulations and thank you xx

    I will have my Break Through The barriers Of redundancy book trailer coming in the next couple of months. It has only taken about a year to finish and my producer/director friend has done an amazing job in-between his other projects! We had almost 4 hours of footage and had to get it down to just 5 minutes for this project. It’s a non-fiction book trailer like no other!”


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