New Trailer

Hi guys sorry for my silence but I have been busy putting the final touches to what will be the final edit of Voices Across The Void, it is available for pre-order on Amazon and although letting go of this book has been really hard I am finally pleased with the book I am putting out there, the stories are more about the voices of the ghosts than traditional ghost stories so while I finish up and have a couple of days to chill while it goes through the approval process enjoy this trailer, and if you listen carefully you might just hear a familiar voice.

9 thoughts on “New Trailer

  1. How exciting, good luck!!


  2. Very Best of Luck Paula. You deserve it.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. Thank you, just got proof copy and am picking up the silly stuff that still needs dealing with lol


  3. Hi Paula, I left the comment below on your video and have to say how amazingly creative and awesome it and you are! I know how much work you have put into this!

    “Great Trailer Paula. You have put such a lot of hard work into this and the results are amazing, great effects, well done, congratulations and thank you xx

    I will have my Break Through The barriers Of redundancy book trailer coming in the next couple of months. It has only taken about a year to finish and my producer/director friend has done an amazing job in-between his other projects! We had almost 4 hours of footage and had to get it down to just 5 minutes for this project. It’s a non-fiction book trailer like no other!”


    1. Thanks hun can’t wait to see yours

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      1. Thanks. Just to let you know. Snow is dead.


      2. Awww so sorry to hear that, was it to do with the tongue thing? It is so sad when we lose a furry family member but you at least have the consolation of knowing she could not have been treasured more than she was by you xxx


      3. Thanks so much. The vet who diagnosed Snow with that condition got it wrong – it was tongue entrapment! I have done a blog post explaining all that happened with Snow.


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