Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review – May 2106

I am running really behind with these but rather than skip this one I decided to get on with it…


First let’s talk about how pretty this box was, it was very similar to the French edition box I received a while back, like much of it’s contents the box was appropriated  by my daughter, in fact I did feel a little like I should have just handed the box straight over, inside we had very pretty pink paper and goodies…


You will notice the frame there which was to take and post a selfie but to be honest I just found it really awkward trying to get one with my phone, maybe if I had tried using the mirror it might have been easier,


So the first thing I pulled out was the popcorn, apparently it tasted great, I personally couldn’t tell you because I didn’t get any lol, however popcorn is a great low cal snack and I might look at buying some of this to try as I prefer salted popcorn to sweet, my favourite is toffee popcorn but I think it is a push to class that as healthy lol. So let’s start with the real contents…


Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara

There were different options for the mascara and I chose this one thinking it would be a good all rounder, sadly I don’t know why it just didn’t do it for me. I thought at first it was the shape of the tube but really it is no different to my Tarte one that I love, I cannot blame the wand as you can see it is a pretty standard wand, which I normally like…


There was nothing I could really put my finger on to explain my gut reaction to just not liking it, the results were no worse than other high street mascaras I have used and better than some, I eventually decided that maybe the problem is that I have a mascara I love at the minute and nothing measures up to it so everything disappoints me. These retail at £9.99 so not expensive but not the cheapest option either so my daughter tried it (as she does most things I get in these boxes) she loved it, she took it and has let me know she finds it applies really well and lasts brilliantly. I think I am going to start sharing her opinions on more products so you get a more balanced view, because obviously as you find favourites it gets harder to be totally objective in products that don’t blow you away. Though sometimes it is also a case here of fighting over who gets to keep a product as you will witness later in this box…


Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser

This is a little strange, the formula is very thick and reminded me of a lip balm I received a while ago, I don’t think you could really use this during the day as it is so thick it does take a while to soak in, however it does work quite well as on over night cream or as something you put on to give yourself a facial/moisture boost. I can’t say I noticed the plumping or line reduction but that could be that as a larger lady my face is plump already lol but at £23.50 this is quite and expensive product to use occasionally, if you were going to use it as your night cream then it might be worth it.


Loceryl Nail Gel

I have to confess at the minute my toe nails are shocking, I used a particular nail varnish almost non stop for a couple of months and it seemed to destroy my toe nails, so I was quite excited to try this, sadly it failed but I cannot blame the product. I remember to put it on once about every tow or three days and I misread the instructions and only put one coat on instead of the few coats twice daily, so not surprisingly nothing has happened. At £16.99 it is expensive to be as stupid as I have been when it comes to applying it, but I am going to try again and try to do it as recommended so if I notice a difference I will let you know on July’s review, but unless you make an effort to follow instruction probably not worth buying


Crabtree And Evelyn Hand Therapy

This is one of those items that is a little frustrating, the actual product comes in this really cool packaging and does a fantastic job of moisturising my hands, at £5 it is not overly pricey, and certainly cheaper then the Rituals Miracle balm which I love, but… why does there have to be a but, I cannot stand the smell. You would think from the name and packaging it would be a simple floral whiff but nope there is an oily smell possiby from the nut oil but you can also smell the myrrh, another fragrance which I am not a fan of. I am using this but am very careful not to use it too close to meal times or when the smell is likely to bug me too much, I might look into seeing what other fragrances it is available in to see if there is something better suited to me.


Absolute New York Velvet Lippie

When I looked at this on the applicator I did not have high hopes it looked thick and gloopy, like a cheap gloss…

DSC01962I thought I would try it out and hate it, my daughter thought the same, we looked at the card and saw the price tag and thought at £4.93 it was as cheap as it looked and it would not be anything special, so I swatched on my hand…

DSC01963The first thing I noticed was it was not as sticky and gloopy as I expected and secondly it was incredibly pigmented and really was matte once applied. Normally I would include a photo of me wearing it at this point but I can’t. I took a couple but they did not really come out well and I do not have the means to take more as the lippie left my house in my daughters bag. When actually tried it was a really nice lip colour, you got the matte pay off that you get from lipsticks but without the drying effect. We both loved this and would consider buying again if they sold it in a supermarket or chemist rather than on just the website.

So next week I will catch up with these reviews and post the June one xxx

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