Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #15

Today is a little different as I have barely had time to sit and type, I am taking advantage of a little sun to get some laundry done including the bedding, I hate it when you have to have wet washing draped around the house constantly, it is bad enough in Winter but in Summer it should not be an option. So here we go with this weeks choices I promise I will be more chatty next week…

  1. I read this article this week and I have to confess I am probably guilty of over-sharing stuff from my personal life, I guess at the minute the thing is I have a small number of followers and they feel more like friends than ‘fans’, maybe that will change as more people sign up but part of me hopes not but maybe there will be more on the writing side to share than just normal stuff
  2. I have to share this because when I read it during the week I sprayed coffee over my keyboard, and am proud to say I too am a book whore
  3. So we now have another blogger who has become a very dear friend, she also writes some amazing characters, including the very very sexy vampire Christian, so I was thrilled to see this drop in my inbox
  4. As many of you will be aware, unless you reside in a cave somewhere with only enough internet connection to read this, it has been a week of upheaval here in the UK. Votes were cast the results came in some were happy some were not and there was a lot of name calling. People argued if you thought certain ways it said certain things about you, it was never that simple, there were lots of complex issues and it should never have been a straight yes or no question, but what is done is done and now we get on with moving forward and healing, the British sense of humour of course will be essential in this process so I thought I would share a post from this friend, just don’t send him food selfies
  5. I cannot write Haiku’s, not putting myself down just stating a fact, I am far to wordy and poorly disciplined to manage this most rigorous poetic form, thankfully others are far more talented in that respect so I can just share theirs

Time to jusmp off and go vac the bedrooms now, so much for lazy Sunday!

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