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Bravado Cartel’s American Tour. Boston Musicians come together to help. 

Not done a reblog in a while but as the lead singer Will from Bravado Cartel is my friend Mandy’s cousin then how can I not, plus they are awesome and deserve to be a huge success

Next Generation Concerts

On Tuesday June 7th the British Rock band “Bravado Cartel” stormed into New York City with every bit of gusto as their name would suggest. They set off from West Yorkshire, England, where they had been getting ready for their first American Tour. The band was sought out in 2015 by a Boston music management company who shall not be named. William Bloy, lead singer and front man for Bravado Cartel, traveled to the US to meet with and sign on to play the east coast tour. On Tuesday June 7th, 2016, they arrived and their “Manager” was nowhere to be found. After numerous calls, they realized they were on their own. This is a story with an amazing set of serendipitous moments fueled by the undying will of 5 young men. This is the story of Bravado Cartel’s American Tour.

After much thought, they drove to Boston anyway without…

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