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Television Tuesday – Live From The RSC


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomething a little different today, the show was actually a few weeks ago and I am also classing this as my film choice as well as I went to see it at the cinema, but as we have just celebrated the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare so after a couple of weeks to reflect I decided it was time to write a post.

I never studied Shakespeare at school, and I was lucky enough to come to know his work first not through the written text but by seeing acted out albeit on the screen rather than in person.  I believe that is where so many schools go wrong, they try to force children to read the words first and deny them the experience of seeing it live and acted out as it should be. Once you have seen Shakespeare performed it makes it so much easier to read and to understand the lilting quality required for the iambic pentameter. I am sure they will repeat it at some point or you will be able to buy a DVD but let’s start with the trailer.

It is of course fascinating to see how much the words of Shakespeare have pervaded through modern culture, phrases we use every day can be found within his plays, and of course each actor who treads the boards or stands before the cameras and performs those words put their own emphasis upon them, it is humorously shown in this clip, but it is worth considering how conventions are being challenged by the new versions created with women taking up male roles, and of course traditionally all roles were male as historically women were not on the stage when the plays were first produced, though maybe Dame Judi is a little old for playing Hamlet.

The final clip from the evening I leave for Catherine Tate, first known as a comic then for her role in Doctor Who she has also proved herself to be an exceptional actress


So on to the final clip for this section and it is not actually from the live night itself, but before I post it I want to just briefly discuss the experience of watching this in the cinema rather than on the TV at home, first I think it really did add an extra element for me on a personal level that I have been lucky enough to go there, the two photos I have used in this post were taken during the trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon for my daughters 21st birthday, but also the most overwhelming aspect of watching on a big screen was the sound. Every time the audience in the the are clapped it was like being there sitting in the audience but being the only one not clapping, the first time I did actually look round and double check that the people in the cinema were not actually joining in but no they weren’t.

I really would encourage people to try this option out if it is possible at their local cinema, there are several other plays they intend doing the live link to throughout the year as well as opera and ballet performances, it is a great way for those of us who live outside London to experience the best in theatre and live performance without it costing a fortune in travel and hotels.

And speaking of sound that brings me to this final clip, something I saw on FB the other day and decided would fit in well with this post and give people a very different idea of how Shakespeare would have sounded when first performed, personally would love to hear the balcony speech done in this accent, guessing might not sound quite as romantic when Juliet responds.


I found this video in the suggested list after watching a different youtube video, I confess the title drew me in but I kept watching for pure comic value…


So for this weeks song I am going to share a video and a link both by the same band, the lead singer of which is related to one of my friends, the band has just had a name change and under their new name of Bravado Cartel they are going from strength to strength. They are heading to the States as I post this for a brief tour before heading back to Blightly for a couple of festivals over the summer. I could not find the video for the song in the link which is raising funds to fight cancer so I shall share another of their songs and let you see them and then you also have the option to click the link and listen to the other song.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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