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Book Review – Scar Tissue by M. C. Domovitch

We start this review with a disclaimer that I did receive a kindle version of this book for an honest review,


Let us start as always with the Goodreads blurb…

When successful model Ciara Kelly wakes up in hospital, remembering nothing of the weeks she has been missing, her only clues are the ugly words carved into her skin. According to the police she was a victim of the Cutter, a serial killer who has already murdered three women. For her protection the police and her doctors give a press conference, announcing that because her amnesia is organically caused, her memory loss is permanent. But, whether her memory returns or not is anybody’s guess. Overnight, Ciara’s glamorous life is gone. Her scars have killed both her modelling career and her relationship with her rich boyfriend. With nothing to keep her in New York, she returns to her home town of Seattle, moves in with her sister and goes about building a new life. But when her sister lets it slip that Ciara’s memory is returning, the killer comes after her again. If Ciara is to stay alive, she must keep one step ahead of the Cutter.

Because I received this in return for a review I am going to go into things a little more than I normally do in these reviews but in this case that is not a bad thing. I am always wary of giving away too much and spoiling things for readers so if I am vague in places trust me I am doing this for your own good.

I genuinely raced through this book it is a real page turner and if you enjoy thrillers with a twist then grab yourself a copy to take on your holidays with you I promise you won’t regret it, now there were a few things that did niggle me which I will go through but overall it was a real hit.

So let’s begin with niggle number one the main character, Ciara, I didn’t like her, nope that is not fair I did not dislike her I just didn’t care about her. I know that this author is capable of creating characters that draw you in and make you invested in them but this one for me seemed very shallow. I thought maybe as the book continued I would be more interested in her but even at the end I was still not connecting with her, but that is not as big an issue in this book as it could be, there is a cast of brilliant secondary characters and an intriguing bad guy.

My second minor niggle was the time line, the nature of the story means it is necessary to skip forward in time to progress the events however in places it can be a little confusing in places you skip a day or two in the next several weeks and a few times I did find myself having to double check the times as it would not always seem obvious, not a big thing however maybe the events could have been compressed into a shorter time period and this would have not been such an issue.

So now we have got the niggle out of the way lets talk good points, it is hard without giving spoilers but I loved the premise behind this story and am really looking forward to seeing that explored more in the next book, and I hope that in the exploration of that side of Ciara she will develop more as a character in her own right.

The truth is this book was not really about her it was about her attacker and let me say the faceless monster is compelling, I changed my mind about a dozen times during the course of the book about who he was, and I did get who it was before the end however I only got half points as I was off with the accomplice. This book was a real page turner as I said earlier and I read it all in a couple of sittings, it is one where when you pick it up you won’t want to put it down but is so well crafted that when you do you will not lose your train of thought when you pick it back up, in fact you will have probably spent some time between reading sessions trying to work out who the voices on either end of those phones calls belong to.

So scores, I was a little undecided here not because I didn’t like the book but rather my own star system does not allow me the mark I would have gone with, so, because I always round up if uncertain the book gets 5 out of five however if I could I would have gone for 4.75, knocking off points for the slightly clumsy time progression and because the main character seemed lacking in a little depth, but I can say I will be buying the next book in the series which I know is out later in the year.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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