Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #11

It has been a busy week here the monster turned 8 on Friday so everything has revolved around him this weekend likewise this post is shorter than normal as I just have time to down my vanilla latte before I have to get him ready to go out with his dad and his family, so without further ado here are this weeks selection of blogs I have been enjoying…

  1. I love shoes, one of the most frustrating things about my spinal issues is the pairs of shoes I have with heels that I can no longer wear. When I saw this post I was intrigued, whenever I go to museums I love looking at the old shoes but this exhibition is more a celebration of all types of footwear not just historical however take a look at the first photo I have to say those ‘feet’ shoes are freaky
  2. Last year I only found this blog after the awards and when the meet up was about to happen but this year I am hoping to get to cast some votes myself and encourage you to support your favourite writers, photographers and other creatives
  3. As you know I lost my gran last year, it is so important to talk and learn the stories of our own family, I was lucky I was researhing the family tree so took advantage of that to find out about that part of my family, sadly my paternal grandparents passed when I was too young to think about our history and no one had ever really discussed anything so the stories were lost, if you get the chance take the time to listen
  4. Thank you, two simple words which mean so much yet we throw away so easily, how often do we say thank you to someone who holds a door and passes us something and of course we mean it on a very basic level but how often do we really thank those whose love and support really, today I would like everyone to say thank you to at least one person around them that they take for granted
  5. Getting self published books reviewed without spending a fortune is a tough business so I was thrilled when Thomas Rydder published a link to this post which I will be hoping to put to use myself
  6. Finally I shall leave you with a rather interesting post on the craft of writing

Right I shall away now to sort out the monster new clothes for him to put on, such hard decisions to make will he wear Marvel or Star Wars today? Enjoy your lazy Sunday and the rest of the week and I shall be back next week with more madness.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #11

  1. Hi Paula. Thank you for reading and linking to my post about bonding with family in the kitchen. I know how it feels to lose a grandparent(s), and my heart goes out to you in your loss. Before they go, no matter what age they are, it’s not too late to start asking for their stories. Thanks again. Blessings to you.


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