Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #8

Hello, and happy Mayday, or Beltane depending on your beliefs, am sat here hugging a Dolce Gusto chococino caramel, the weather is rather grey and miserable but not as freaky as the weather you may have witnessed earlier in my vlog for this week. I will apologise for the face you are getting two posts today, I was going to do it as one but decided against it. So this week I have been sorting some files out on my computer and removing some of those duplicate files you get through things autosaving, so enough of my week how has yours been? I am hoping to get out in the garden a little this week as I have a week off work plus am heading to see my parents next Saturday for the day, a rare treat as I normally work Saturdays at the day job.

Now let’s see what gems I have found this week, though I have to say I did lose a couple I bookmarked as part of my technical difficulties this week…

  1. I am going to celebrate a couple of the people who made it through this years, A-Z challenge this week, as you know I failed miserably. One of the things I do love is the different themes people use or decide against using to get through the alphabet, the first up is one who takes the idea of A-Z literally dictionary style with the aid of her camera
  2. The next A-Z winner mixes Superheroes and cross stitch to provide a very interesting cast of characters
  3.  Linda’s A-Z this year has been quite a profound one to read, the monster has his own issues but thankfully hearing is not one of them although given the side effects of meningitis it very well could have been, but I do remember what it was like with his lack of speech for those years when all the other children were already expressing their wants, and the struggles he has still at times to make himself understood, don’t get me wrong he now has the vocabulary but he struggles still to reword things if you do not immediately understand what he is asking, we live in a world that is not forgiving to differences no matter how much we all pretend otherwise
  4. I love to see other bloggers, writers and creatives succeeding, am just sad that I am across the ocean and unable to show support in person,
  5. Something different for this one a book/film review, I had to pick this though as I love the book so much and I am sure you know which sister I relate to, she is not the only one who once cut off her hair for a good cause lol
  6. The final blog I am going to share today is responsible for you having to sit through a Glossybox review each month, and this post is another that inspired me, we not this box but I did try out one of the other perfume boxes, not something I would get regularly like Glossybox but it was very interesting to try scents I would not normally have looked at

So that rounds up this weeks selection, dinner is in so I shall finish off by adding the tags etc then go dish the pasta bake and garlic bread out, I wish you could be here to join us for lunch but instead I hope you will join me for coffee again next week.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #8

  1. OMG! Thank you so much for sharing my blog! I had fun with my foray into photography. This was loads of fun for me! I know I’m not skilled at photography, so it was all about the fun. I didn’t take myself too seriously, didn’t get uptight about them not being perfect and actually managed to pull off a few nice pictures! There were numerous great blogs, thank you for the recommendation!


  2. Thank you for the mention, Paula. 🙂 One of my cousins went deaf as a side effect of meningitis many years ago. He got his hearing back, but never quite the same. As a happier side effect, he learned to read lips!


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