Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #6

(I just added this bit it, I am publishing this Monday morning as not only was my day upside down for the reasons I mention in the post but just before I finished it my daughter rung to say she was coming up and I thought I had actually hit publish but instead I had saved draft to here you are a day late as it was already written and now I shall get on with catching up with A – Z posts)

Well today everything is upside down rather than sitting and reading blogs with a coffee this morning it is now evening and I am sitting with a hot chocolate after a visit to my parents for Sunday dinner. Travelling to my parents takes a couple of hours by public transport, longer on a Sunday as timings never seem to work out but as I was ill during the week when I had planned going over I wanted to fit in a visit as I don’t get over as much as I should, I am sure you can forgive me just this once for an evening post on what has been a lazy Sunday only in the sense I did not have to cook lol.

So let’s see what I found for you this week…

  1.  First up is an incredibly talented young lady who I know personally, in fact we work together at the day job! She is just starting out on an exciting journey through University and onwards to success and I am incredibly proud to class her as a friend, so if you want to get in at the start please go over and follow her and show your support and you never know one day she may be designing your curtains
  2. Next up some writing tips, now a lot of these will seem obvious but you know what sometimes it is those very obvious steps we miss by trying to be too clever, I found her posts giving self publishing check-lists really helpful and printed it off so I can refer to it as I do my final checks,
  3. I love sending letters and writing to people, personally I think you cannot beat the sound of a letter falling unexpectedly onto the mat but today we have a second option, one which it could be argued is actually more environmentally friendly, that is ecards. I don’t know why but I never think of people designing these but obviously they do so here is a chance to support a fellow blogger doing just that
  4. It is always good to be able to share success by fellow bloggers and I have been thrilled to so more and more posts sharing the news that this lady is having her work acted out
  5. Regina is currently doing two challenges at once, she is doing the A – Z challenge but also the 26 week challenge her blog is a mix of photography and commentary and a very pleasant way to see things from another perspective
  6. And the final post for today is to a dear friend of this blog Lucy who is yet again proving what an incredible person she is, her last appearance here as you will remember was for her charity walk, well today it is in her ongoing crusade to prove that not only can you beat the bullies but you can stick a proverbial two fingers up at them while walking the road to success, she has been featured in her local paper regarding the release of her latest work

So next week we shall be back to normal hopefully and I shall be a little more organised, have a good week!

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