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Ask An Author: What is your most effective social media platform?

Another in the Ask the Author series from my dear friend Heidi

H.N. Sieverding


Today, I’ve asked my panel of published authors the question, “What is your most effective social media platform?” Here are their answers….


“WordPress is most effective for people to read samples of your work and get a real idea of what you write, why you write, and how you write.  Twitter is most effective for getting quick attention and saying, “Hi. I have a book. Would you please read it?  Thanks!”

-Decker Schutt


“Facebook, with WordPress as a close second.”

– S.L. Stacy


my lady valentine med

“I’ve found Facebook, don’t over post there otherwise you will drive perspective readers away, and Twitter to be the best. Also doing radio interviews and blogs.”

– Lindsay Downs


“Facebook because I cheat. When I post on Facebook it also posts on Twitter. I kill two birds with one stone.”

-Tricia Andersen



“For me, it’s WordPress, hands down. WP is where most…

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