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Glossybox Review – March 2016

I am going to be honest my heart totally sunk at this months box and it was probably the most disappointed I have been to receive one for a while, was it all bad? Well let’s see…


So first up…


417Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner

Lets start with a positive, I really appreciate the fact the seem to have listened and started sending these in travel size rather than sample size, and also that they send both shampoo and conditioner rather than one or the other. I did give this a good go using both the shampoo and conditioner in place of my normal ones for a fortnight, sadly for my hair this just did not do anything. At a price tag of £16.89 each for the full size I feel there are lots better products on the market for much less. On paper it does seem like it should be a great product but for my bleached/colour damaged hair it just did not do the job and I was happy to swap back to my usual Tresemme and using the Naobay hair mask.

Next up…


Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream

I have tried a few Olay products and they really do not work for my skin. The first couple of days it was fine and seemed like this might actually work but then I started getting spots in the more greasy parts of my skin. While it would be possible to use this in conjunction with a second product I prefer creams which I can use all over without having to mess about and at £29.99 the price tag is too high for something which I need to double up with something else.

As you can see so far not a very good start, next up…


Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum

sometimes the problem is even when you like a product you already have things which are similar or you prefer and this is one of those products. I like serums and have a few, I do really like the finish this one gives you which is more or what can only be described as a waxy finish rather than an oily one, sadly not very good for under make up. It is not a miracle cream it does not make all my wrinkles disappear but it does give my face a nice healthy glow so I will use it up on days where I don’t need to wear make up. At £28.81 for full price it is on the more pricey side and I would probably not buy it again however I will use this one up unlike some others I have received previously.

Things are still not looking good in this box so one to the next…


So Susan Light Diffuser

I like So Susan products generally and usually they come in the most fabulous packaging so given how pretty the box is you can imagine my disappointment to find this inside…

DSC01747Not good, but just as they say you should not judge a book by the cover I have some very pretty make up products which I do not like so I opened it up and tried it…


I do actually really like this, I like the shades, the contour shade is not so dark that you have to worry about looking like an over-baked loaf, while the highlighter illuminates but is not shiny like some of the others I have and more suited for daytime use, it provides an alternative to all out glam. The fact it is small and compact makes it good for taking with you the down side is you have to be careful not t get both on your brush at the same time. So Susan products can sometimes seem a little silly on price but at £14 this one is actually not bad especially considering you get two in one. Over all I like this I just wish they had used one of their other packaging styles rather than this one.

And finally…


Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush

I never like to spend a lot on brushes for myself, it is one of those things I tend to feel guilty about. At £10.42 this would be on the border of what I would spend on a brush but given that it is a brand I have not heard of I probably would not have picked it up myself. The fibres are synthetic and lovely and soft, they pick up a nice amount of product, I like the angled head which I find a real help adding contour.


One thing I will say is until recently watching beauty vlogs and videos I never paid a lot of attention when they were reeling off names and numbers attached to brushes, to be fair I still don’t but for those who do…

DSC01753For me what matters is how the brush feels when I hold it and how it works, if it does the job I want it for it does not matter to me what is was technically designed for. I do love this brush and can see it becoming part of my make up routine for years to come, so far I have not experienced and shedding of bristles the nly thing I have yet to try is washing it and that is because I am bad and only wash my brushes when I really have to rather than regularly like I should.

In all the last two products made up for my disappointment in the others I hope next month will start on the road to spring/Summer looks in terms of make up but we shall see.

3 thoughts on “Glossybox Review – March 2016

  1. I very rarely wear makeup myself, but after watching a few of your vlogs and seeing reviews like this, I sometimes almost want to! The most I really bother with is a dusting of powder, eyeshadow, mascara and a slick of lipstick if my eyes and skin are looking tired. I probably just don’t have the patience to bother with full warpaint any more 🙂


  2. I have never heard of Oh Susan products, must not be something available here. I am not a big make-up person, to lazy I suspect. Years ago I had eyeliner tattooed on, every 5 years or so I have it refreshed. Now and then I will swipe on mascara and I try to remember lipstick. I will put on a full face for a night out, but that is for special occasions.

    I do enjoy your reviews though, they are fun and interesting.


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