A - Z Challenge 2016

A – Z Challenge 2016 – Theme Reveal

Yes it is almost that time of the year again and so time is time to reveal my theme for this years challenge! Last year we did places but this year I have decided to examine another love of mine for this years challenge, ‘Art!’

I want to try to find an artist for each letter, A – Z obviously, art and writing do go hand in hand while the artist creates visions with oils or acrylics, the writer attempts to do the same with words. In both forms the ultimate aim is drawing people in and evoking emotions, and as much as we all say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, lets face it we all do.

So from the first of April we begin a journey from A to Z, some artists will be more familiar than others, so letters are harder to fill while others are harder to choose between for example Dali or Degas? Where possible I will try to add in some background information and a portrait of the artist but I have not yet chosen them all so I do not know if that will be possible yet.

Fridays you will get a double post of the A – Z post plus a vlog so that way we can keep Lazy Sundays.

Right time for me to get some work done and start finish editing Sports Relief footage out of the way but if you want to join in this years A – Z Challenge there in still time to sign up here.

2 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge 2016 – Theme Reveal

  1. Best of luck Paula! I’m sitting the challenge out this year but hope to keep visiting those who are braver than I am. I’ll be interested to see your choices (I’d go for Degas).


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