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Vlog Time #59 – Getting Sporty, Plus Lazy Sunday #5

Two for the price of one today… I have a nice double choco-mocha clutched in my hands it is almost lunch time but as the sun is shining I got laundry done first thing, I am not actually having a Lazy Sunday today as later on I shall be heading out to film my colleagues play the managers at football all in the name of charity so if you have your beverage ready I shall begin with the blogs for this week, then move on to the vlog and throw in some bonus bellydancing on the end of it, and no I am not dancing but I might just have arranged a lift to start taking me dancing again so maybe at some point in the future you will see it…

  1. So our first stop off on today’s coffee break is to visit my friend Bridget and grab a quick reminder on something we all frequently need to be reminded of https://bridgetstraub.com/2016/03/17/stay-positive/ life likes to throw those curve balls but with practise and patience we will hit home runs eventually, I even managed to make an analogy using a sport I know nothing about lol.
  2.  Next up a tough call, when you are asked to review a book it is easy if you love it but what if you don’t, Linda discusses the difficulty making that call and you can read my response in the comments although I have also discussed it on here before http://lindaghill.com/2016/03/14/bad-reviews
  3. This week is Sports Relief here in the UK where people dust off their cycles and trainers and do all sorts of sporty things in the name of a good cause but lots of us do these things more frequently than that and Lucy has been fund-raising for a cause very close to her heart which took the life of one of her friends, I do believe that the best way to honour those we lose is to save others in their name https://lucywilliamspoetry.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/lucys-diary-130316/
  4. This is a really helpful informative way to try to track down a pictures origins, sadly it does not work for everything but at least it gives you additional options to research images https://acflory.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/howto-search-for-an-image-on-the-internet/
  5. I love this 5 minutes with series and wish I lived in an area where it would be more practical to do it here, sadly there are only two local shops in walking difference and they are both your bog standard corner shop, as for the town centre fewer and fewer independent shops remain between the takeaways , chain stores, and pound shops https://chiswickmum.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/a-chiswick-5-mins-with-sofia-from-the-chiswick-bookshop/
  6. And finally for today, a brief but meaningful flash fiction, the perfect example of how much can be said with a few words https://greenwalledtower.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/the-giants-bride/

If you would like to refill your cup now is the time to do it and I shall leave you with this weeks vlog…

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