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Feeling a little violated by Microsoft

When I bought this new desktop computer I bought it as a windows 10 computer, so you might wonder why I am a little upset with Microsoft this morning, well the truth is they have upgraded me against my will.

I brought home a shiny new computer last October rather than having windows 10 already installed it turned out it was windows 8 but windows 10 ready. I did not think too much of it my laptop had been windows 7 and the upgrade to 10 had gone smoothly why would this be any different?

That night I went to bed leaving it upgrading over night, excited about the prospect of playing with it the next day, if only life went that smoothly. I got up waited the eternity it takes for it to configure those final settings, then fired up my various apps and gradually the smile slipped from my lips.  Things would not load, I could not access half the internet, pages would begin to load but not quite manage it.

I walked away, I made a coffee, I breathed into a paper Bag (well okay not actually but you get the picture). Then I remembered an issue I had with my laptop ages ago to do with broadband frequency width or some such technical mumbo jumbo. I phoned the man at Virgin, for nearly an hour I made his life miserable while he tried everything to fix the problem. He couldn’t fix it.

I finally thanked him and told him I was going to try removing windows and rebooting, you guessed it, I reverted it back to windows 8 and everything worked.

Roll forward a few months and the suggestion box for windows 10 starts popping up more frequently, I hit ‘No Thanks’ and carry on with my life, it gets more persistent and begins appearing daily.

Then last week it starts getting more pushy and asking me to set a date for an upgrade, I keep hitting no thanks and carry on.

It decides to set the date for Wednesday night I hit I will arrange it later.

It ignores me.

I wake up last Thursday morning to find I had been upgraded.

Okay it does work okay this time and obviously whatever issue was there last time has been resolved but damn Microsoft I said no!

I have been upgraded a week and so far no real issues although it does keep making me have to reset my default programmes constantly, so much for saving your settings. It could have been much worse and they do seem to have fixed all the bugs that caused issues previously but the bigger more worrying thing is if they can update my software despite me hitting the no button, what else can the see, do or install without my approval? I have nothing to hide, well unless they look too closely at my browsing history in which case I am screwed, but what if they can put things there? Maybe the conspiracy theorists have a point, or what if someone has a personal grudge and works for an IT company?

I am pretty sure there is a story or two there about what could happen if the wrong person is at the other end of the technology.


10 thoughts on “Feeling a little violated by Microsoft

  1. Could not agree more Paula. I never wanted the upgrade…I bought my laptop with MS 8 and 10 ready, but did not want 10. Those daily notifications were gettin on my last nerve, even after stating NO (now please go away!). Finally had to turn go into the settings and turn off the notifications and hide the icon. So far they’ve not taken my laptop hostage…fingers crossed they won’t or you just may see a UFL in the sky if they do! Glad it’s working for you anyway.


  2. I keep thinking about upgrading to 10, I have a HP laptop with 7 and keep getting notifications to do a free upgrade…but I am worried about it in case…things go wrong.


    1. Upgrading from 7 went really smoothly I could not understand the fuss but from 8 to 10 was where all the issues were, however I must say they do seem to have sorted it now, my main grumble now was how they did it 😀

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  3. I’ve been worrying about this too. Dom learned of a fix that would stop the Windows 10 box appearing, but Windows got wise to that and reconfigured to prevent that loophole. I should probably tell him to be ready to have to convert my laptop back to Windows 8 at short notice!

    And we’re writers; I hope that you and I have made that clear enough on our respective websites, because the FBI and Interpol would probably put me on their Most Wanted list if they took a look at my search history.


  4. Aargh! Windows 10 – we had all sorts of problems too. Turned out It can’t cope with Dropbox and One Drive together. Had to remove Dropbox and just use the web version and so far so good……..

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      1. Almost every time there were Windows updates I lost access to the start menu and, according to online forums, this could be a result of the Dropbox / One Drive problem. Haven’t had that since disabled Dropbox so look out for that. Useless!


  5. I just updated my Mac to the new operating system, but it did give me a choice of when or if I wanted to download it, (I went with the upgrade because of crucial security updates). Yet, another reason why I never looked back after switching to a Mac – they give you a choice!


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