Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #3

This morning I find myself nursing a vanilla latte macchiato and a headache, if I had drunk a little more I might have said a hangover but I only had three drinks and that was with a meal so I was actually totally sober, I put the headache down to dehydration, maybe I should have had a few more lol.

So coffee in hand, the remnants of last nights make up scrapped off, I sit here and and begin this weeks sharing of blogs I have been reading, I hope you will forgive that I have yet to tackle the hair but I know getting the brush through the tangle of curls I had in my hair last night will be painful so am allowing the painkillers to remove the headache first, I know you guys will forgive it so shall we begin…

  1. First up a new blog by an old friend, the lovely Ms Tribble has decided to begin afresh with a new blog as she makes changes in her real life, I love her to bits even though occasionally she does get me frustrated and make me want to jump on a train and go shake her, please pop over and show her some love
  2. In the first post of this series I mentioned a story Cara Thereon had posted previously that had stopped and disappeared, well she has decided to share it with the world so please if you like a raunchy read then go over read it and subscribe so you don’t miss the following parts
  3. Lots of bloggers get involved in brilliant themes and serial posts which I never quite get round to but that does not stop me enjoying reading them, I found Linda’s blog via Jason’s over a Opinionated Man and have enjoyed following her ever since one of the things she hosts is SOCS and though I do not take part I fully enjoy reading both her posts and those of others I follow who do partake, check out this weeks here
  4. I love Michelle, she is witty, talented and incredibly generous as I discovered last year when she donated some stuff for a charity raffle, if you don’t follow her you should ask yourself why? She writes some incredible articles which relate not only to her own books but to writing in general and the process of getting those first words on the page to the final act of publishing and beyond into the stress of marketing, this weeks is definitely one every writer will relate to
  5. I have followed Hunter is Writing since I started blogging and have discovered some great software and programmes as a result of the blog right now is a great time to start following as a new series is about to begin and even if it seems obvious sometimes you need a reminder to pay attention to your characters
  6. And finally for today a flash fiction so much can be said a a mere 100 words

So our coffee date is over for another week, hope you will join me, cup in hand once more next week until then normal posts shall have to suffice.


8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #3

  1. I’m sitting here with a mug of asparagus soup and my huge beaker of water (I ingest so much liquid over the course of a day that I’m sure I slosh). Yes, I know I make you (and a lot of other people) want to tear their hair out: I was never good at doing as I’m told or following advice thanks to – oh look, a squirrel! You know what I mean lol.

    Thanks for the mention; now that I have a fresh canvas I’m expecting to blog more again. Now to go and check out the other blogs you’ve mentioned 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the mention and the great suggestions, Paula. 🙂 I won’t put any exclamation marks in this comment since you have a headache. 😉 Hope it goes away soon. 🙂 Drink lots of water. It helps.

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  3. I’m sure the headache has disappeared by now but just in case I’m tip-toeing around in stockinged feet. I hope you had a brilliant night on Saturday and I look forward to reading all about it.
    Have a fantastic week.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


  4. Headache aside…it sure looks like you had a FAB time…the photos are great, and you looked beautiful!! (oops…sorry for the !!) (oops, crap, did it again)


    1. Thank you for the reblog, just discovered that it had unfollowed me from your blog, have been lax keeping up with blogs reading lately so had thought you were taking a break and I had missed a post when I noticed you not in my feed

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