Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #1

I had decided to not blog on Sundays but I have changed my mind in a manner of speaking. Sunday is the day I frequently catch up on blog reading if I get behind during the week so I have decided to use Sunday’s as the perfect day to share some reading material with you guys, the blogs I read vary wildly from erotica to legal, fiction and craft, so each week I will create a post to share a few I have read during the week that have excited me one way or another.

So right now stop reading and go make yourself a nice cup of coffee, I have a nice frothy double choc-mocha in my hand (well on my desk can’t type and drink at the same time, well not safely anyway), I am drinking it from my colour changing TARDIS mug, maybe you can share your drink below.

Are you back? Sitting comfortably then let’s begin with this weeks hot half dozen…

  1. I picked this one as it is a fresh start in a new media, I love the spirit of this lady and the way despite going through some really tough times she still remains positive, plus she has a voice like honey, well you will see for your selves
  2. As we are having coffee here it would be rude not to share it with Willowdot
  3. Sacha Black organises the UK Blogger Bash as well as being a successful writer and blogger she has come up with some events for people in the UK to consider if they can get to any of them
  4. This is a name that will familiar from my book reviews, however his new release is a whole new genre and I am looking forward to reading this
  5. Now something a little deeper and more profound, some thing to ponder as you sip at your coffee
  6. The final one for this week may require a whole cup by itself and if you have not listened to Serial or Undisclosed may not seem interesting but if you have an interest in how they judicial system in the US fail to work and can be manipulated then maybe take a look and if it interests you take a look further into this case and the two pod-casts I just mentioned, personally I find this fascinating,

Let me know if you enjoyed any of these, I am going to be relaxing for the rest of the day, unless you count laundry, there is always laundry to do on a Sunday, school and work uniforms, I hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday too.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday #1

  1. Hi Paula thank you so much for sharing a cuppa with me and everyone else! I am enjoying a cup of strong black coffee in preparation for the family descending for dinner!!
    As you know I love sharing Coffee on Sunday and I try to make time to do so whatever! I have to say that I am remiss in visiting you as often as I should because your blog is always a great place to be!
    I do know some of the names on her and I shall enjoy visiting the names that are new to me!
    I hope the rest of your Sunday is good and have a good week too! Cheers! have a piece of cake!! 🙂


  2. Nicely done Paula, I am familiar with some and not with others. Though like you I am frequently behind in my reading, I will have to go check out your recommendations when I have some time to spare.


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