Telly Box Tuesday

Television Tuesday – Getting Back To Routine

I have been very hit and miss blogging so far this year, not the sort of habits I want to get into so this week I am making an active effort to get back into the swing or scheduling and posting regularly, so what have I been watching…

Television & Youtube

I am totally obsessed with watching this, to the point where I subscribe to the Youtube channel and watch the clips as well as recording both the US and UK versions on my TiVo box

I decided to count it for both as I do watch it both ways, who ever came up with this idea is brilliant after all we have all pranced around at some point singing into a hairbrush or other object pretending to be someone famous, now we get to watch celebs do it as well, there have been so many clips that I could have chosen but I decided to just share a couple of my favourites.


I have not watched any films this week so instead I am going to leave you with my top three tracks from the Oasis greatest hits album that I have been listening to this week, peobebly not the ones you might be expecting…

2 thoughts on “Television Tuesday – Getting Back To Routine

  1. I’ve never seen an all musical blog from you before. Mind you it doesn’t reveal much about your tastes does it, 3 tracks from the same group? You could be a big Punk fan or New Romantic for all I know. You must like Adele though, everyone likes Adele. LOL
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. Yes I do like Adele, I have quite eclectic musical tastes, I promise greater variety next time lol I am guilty though of binge listening when I have just downloaded a new album which was the case this week lol, I downloaded the greatest hits album as couldn’t be bothered searching for the individual CD’s I had packed away somewhere lol, that is the one probelm I find with my music collection I have so many CD’s and packed lots away so I end up re=buying and downloading as I play all my music via the computers or my phone these days


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