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Ask An Author: How do you deal with bad reviews?

Today I pop up on the lovely Heidi’s page discussing reviews

H.N. Sieverding


This is the first of my “Ask An Author” posts.  Today, I’ve asked my panel of published authors the question, “How do you deal with bad reviews?”. If you’re an author and want to participate, too, feel free to leave your answer in the comment section. We’d love to hear it!


The Answers

my lady valentine med

“Shrug my shoulders and continue to be a better writer. A review, even from a professional reviewer is an opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs even if it disagrees with yours and other reviews.”

– Lindsay Downs


“I’ve come to realize the only way to deal with bad reviews is not to read them. (Something else that’s easier said than done). If that doesn’t work: ice cream or chocolate.”

– S.L. Stacy


“First, evaluate if the reviewer has a point.  We’ve all read things we didn’t like.  If that can be true for us, then it…

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2 thoughts on “Ask An Author: How do you deal with bad reviews?

  1. There will be bad reviews no matter what. People won’t like your work, people will be picky about mistakes and dwell on that and f course here are the trolls who only give bad reviews and may never have read the book at all.Whatever happens, the only time you should worry about bad reviews is if they’re in the majority. Then it might be time t consider the criticisms and see what can be done to change things if you seek their approval. Generally your work will receive positive reviews and you should focus on those.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. I think most of the criticisms I have had so far have been delivered by people I know and generally along the lines of how dare you stop that story there I want to know what happens next lol I have learnt from that to maybe leave short stories alone now other than for fun and concentrate on working stories up into novellas, or full novels.

      Hope you are well huge hugs xxxx


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