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26 Things About Me

Twenty-six things about me…

I saw this on Archon’s Den and decided to appropriate it especially as you read this I shall be doing the day job then hosting a book launch, if you want to read his answers you can do so here

A- Age: I believe technically you are not supposed to ask a lady her age, but as I rarely get confused for one I shall admit to my 44 years on the planet.

B- Biggest fears: Needles and man made heights, needles I have overcome to a point but man made heights still make me hyperventilate, I can happily stand at the top of a cliff and look out over but ask me to get onto a step ladder and I feel sick

C- Current time: 8.01pm. it is also a Tuesday and so basically when you read this you will be time travelling

D- Drink you last had: Diet coke, I wish it was something more exciting but there you go

E- Every day starts with: A curse and a hit of the snooze button except Sundays that start with the monster usually waking me to ask if he can go downstairs and watch TV

F- Favourite song: So many, I don’t really have one favourite I tend to have favourite songs for different moods at the minute the three most played on my phone are Kylie Minogue Into The Blue, Evanescence Back To Life and Christina Perri A Thousand Years.

G- Ghosts, are they real?: Of course, I have even interacted with a couple.

H- Hometown: If you count home town as the place you live then it is Huddersfield, West Yorkshire but if you count it as the place you were born and your parents live then it is Kippax, Leeds just a few miles down the road.

I- In love with: No one at the minute, unless you count my kids, or Mr Darcy, who I have been in love with since I was about thirteen, I do have a bit of a thing for Sherlock at the minute but am pretty sure that is just lust.

J- Jealous of: At first I thought no one then I sat and thought and the list began, Steven Moffat because he gets to write Doctor Who and Sherlock, Kylie Minogue because of how fabulous she looks, all authors who earn enough from their writing to be able to do it full time as a job, people who can eat what they like and not put on weight… maybe we need to define the type of jealousy lol

K- Killed someone?: Well that would be telling, I mean I could hardly confess here without incriminating myself could I, I will say I have killed lots of people in my head and planned quite a few deaths, my perfect murder weapon is a frozen leg of lamb, I would tell you more but it may be featured in a book at some point.

L- Last time you cried: I cry at every thing these days, animal abuse stories, animal rescue stories, but last time I really broke down and blubbed was when my dog died last September

M- Middle name: Suzanne, I know you were all hoping for something more exciting but there you are don’t blame me I didn’t pick it

N- Number of siblings: 4, three sisters and a brother, I am the oldest and there are 15 years between me and my youngest sister which is the same gap as between my daughter and the monster.

O- One wish: Tempted to do the Miss World answer and go for world peace but not sure if we got it that it would last so instead a cure for cancer or dementia, see I am being fair to the wish fairy there and giving them options.

P- Person you last called: My daughter, she was at my house and I called to tell her to put the quiche in the oven as I was on my way home.

Q- Question you’re always asked: are those your real eyes? Now to be fair they are not actually asking if my eyeballs are real rather I do get a lot of questions about the colour of my eyes and whether I am wearing contact lens, the answer is yes they are and if I am honest not sure I could stand wearing contacts even though I have seen some really cool ones I would love to try especially for Halloween.

R- Reason to smile: lots but if you see me smiling and there is not an obvious one I probably just thought up a really cool way to kill someone!

S- Song last sung: if you mean sung as in someone heard me then happy birthday to the monster last May, if you mean in my own house with the stereo turned up so loud that even the dog does not have my listening inflicted on him, Kylie Into the Blue and I am not just saying it but my singing is actually that bad

T- Time you woke up: 7am when the first alarm went off and I cursed and hit snooze

U- Underwear colour: Black, nearly always black

V- Vacation destination: Not really having one this year but next year USA here I come, well assuming they let me in the country

W- Worst habit: doubting myself, you have no idea how many posts, stories and comments I write and then delete without hitting publish just because I am scared I will let people down that have believed in my abilities.

X- X-Rays you’ve had: think they have all been on my back, plus lots of MRI scans, to the point where the staff actually knew me when I walked in, not sure if that was because I had made a good impression or was notorious

Y- Your favourite food: Chocolate wish I could say something really healthy like quinoa or kale but I believe in being honest

Z- Zoos visited!: Blackpool and Isle of Wight zoo which is technically a tiger sanctuary and you should certainly visit if you are ever on the island, you can find out more about it here, for several years we actually sponsored one of the tigers named Zena

This is not the sort of one where you nominate someone but if you decide to have a go at answering the questions be sure to link back here.

10 thoughts on “26 Things About Me

  1. Hi Paula, it was great to read your answers, they tell me a lot more about you. – Your age answer – rarely get confused for a lady – so funny!! You have a lot of dark going on!! OMG!! Very contrasting to me. I did start a fiction novel in 1999 and years later decided to stop that, leaving the main character in emotional turmoil and pursue my dream of Writing Children’s Picture books for 3-5 years. It was a very emotionally hard novel for me to start writing, because there was some horrid stuff going to happen in it – and I am a method writer that really gets into the character’s minds – or rather they get into mine. They used to tell me what their story was, and I did love this aspect of writing non-fiction for adults, but as I am a slow reader – and had to keep re-reading it over and over again, and it made me feel down, I decided to stop writing it and leave only my mind to know what it’s about and if I want to start it up again ever, it’s good to go – but I don’t want to go back to thinking about darkness. I started to randomly write the beginnings of a fiction book the other day; and after 11 A4 pages, stopped. I had the worst night’s sleep of my life – It was the most unpleasant near death dream experience I have had to date – So I have kept the 11 pages, but decided to go back to my calling of writing non-fiction books, that are much better for my mind – I love, adore, and am passionate about them. I am currently working on a new ‘Asexual Perspectives’ book now, since the 27th of February, and getting lots of asexuals’ to share their opinions and views about Love, Life And Sex – which is the subtitle of the book. It’s proving very popular so far, so I think the dream was signifying to not go back to the darkness of fiction writing, but to pursue my dream of being an Author of tons of non-fiction books, I love writing them, it makes me so very happy and I think I was always born to do that forever – and I would still like to publish my two children’s picture books at some point. My illustrator fell through for my first one.


  2. Saw this meme on Bridget Straub’s blog and decided this will be my April A to Z theme for my memoir blog. Seems like an ideal thing to do this year. I’ll have slightly longer answers spread over the entire month. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote


    1. It does seem perfect I almost regret having already done it, am still toying with my theme for the year I am thinking possibly artists as art goes hand in hand with writing, after all we do judge books by their cover even though we should know better 😀


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