My Bucket list

Previously I published a list of 50 Before 50 and though I liked that idea I decided to turn it into a full blown bucket list instead and to actually start looking at ways to make things happen.

I was going to publish this yesterday but I was still debating a few inclusions, not sure why I had it in my head that the list should be a hundred but I did or at least that a hundred should be the starting point, you never know what crazy ideas I may add to it at a later date.

Some are of course more predictable than others, I think every bucket list ever written includes swimming with dolphins, but some are also writing related I am not going to repeat them all here the page is listed at the top.

I also just submitted my novel to a publisher and though I am not holding my breathe after so many rejections previously I know this story will be amazing I just need to find someone who believes in it as much as I do.