8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #52 – Goodbye 2015

End of Year Round Up 2015

4 thoughts on “Vlog Time #52 – Goodbye 2015

  1. You’ll hear from my lawyers in due course. There I was enjoying the fantastic vlog you’d done when suddenly my ugly mug appeared on screen and I fell off my chair.
    I’m so honoured to be included on there but I have no idea what for unless it’s as a warning to others.
    Health, Wealth and much Happiness to you for 2016 Sweetie, may it be your year,
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


    1. Awww just be thankful that I am not good with photoshop or I would have had you as head cheerleader lol, just knowing you and some of my other blogger friends are out there cheering me on was a huge help last year, there were other friends I would have included but pretty sure if I put there pictures up it would have meant me having to go into a witness protection programme lol

      Right off to write some resolutions to break

      Happy New Year & huge hugs xxxxx


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