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Christmas TV

I want you all to know I did start this post earlier then I decided to decorate my bathroom, am now exhausted but it looks cool just need to decide on a new shower curtain now as the old one looks a little grubby compared to the fresh gloss paint, so I shall keep this short and sweet…


It can only be one programme…

What can I say without spoiling it for those who have not seen it yet, typical Moffat! you are dragged at a fast pace through ever possible emotion going, bitter sweet at the end but WOW! And if you are prone to the *feels* get your tissues ready before you begin don’t be lulled by the caper that begins the show.


Okay technically not a film as it is 4 hours long and was made to be shown in two parts for TV but near enough

I love this, my kids love this and for me it is the perfect Christmas film, shed a few tears while watching when the monster asked if there would be more Discworld films and I had to say that I doubt it in my lifetime, and also knowing that the man himself would not be there to appear in cameo.


Okay I am changing the rules and adding in an extra category, it will be either a favourite or something new I have just heard that week, for this week instead of a Youtube video you get one of each first up my favourite ever Christmas song then second a new song I heard last week which impressed me so much I bought the album


And finally the WordPress pixies have produced their annual report…

3 thoughts on “Christmas TV

  1. My,my the WordPress pixies have been busy. Impressive stats Paula, especially the number of countries.
    I admit to being disappointed in Hogfather. Susan Sto Helit looked like she was wearing a nylon wig and didn’t seem to come across as no nonsense as the books have her.
    My favourite Christmas songs are either Greg Lake’s I Believe in Father Christmas or Mike Harding’s Christmas 1914. I loved Kirsty McColl but hated Sean McGowan. Her death was really tragic and a great loss.
    Have a Wonderful New Year.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  2. I personally do not like Dr Who,, but my favourite Xmas song is John Lennon’s The war is over. followed jointly by the Pogues with Kirsty McColl and Greg Lake.Apart from Xmas 24 channel not much else was Xmassy’.. great re cap..Happy new year to you Paula.


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