Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review November 2015

Not a lot of photos this month sadly, not because I haven’t used the products but more because I forgot to take them lol.



I am going to start with the negative of the box…


Royal Apothic Body Lotion

I am starting with this because really it was a let down on a few levels, firstly the size this is a 35g tube, it is full size, retailing at £14.50, if I was to use this all over my body as suggested I might get two maybe three uses out of it. My other issue is with the actual product and that is the smell, I can’t quite put mu finger on what the smell is but it is quite strong and even though I like the results I would not use it and nor would I buy it.

Next up…


Eylure Natural Lashes

This is one item I have not tried out but only because I have not really been anywhere to try them out, at £5 they are around average price for decent lashes and I have worn this brand before and they have always lasted well, though cheap lashes are great for one off or fancy dress it is worth spending money for good ones if you want to wear then on a regular basis. I am looking forward to wearing these as soon as I get the chance.



Emite Emite Diamond Heart Primer

I absolutely love this and I hate that I love it. The issue with this product is the price, to buy this costs £25.90, and as much as I love it I cannot justify that amount of money for a primer, I could not justify it for a foundation, so now way can I even think about buying this again.  If I were rich and money was no problem then I very well might change my mind but with a heavy heart I add this to the cannot afford pile.

Next up…


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

We actually had the option to choose the colour we received so I went for the red, partly due to the fact we have the festive season approaching but also as my daughter keeps pinching them when I get them. The colour is a lovely true red as you can see from this swatch I did…

DSC01362It is thick and creamy without being drying as some lipsticks can be, the colour lasted well during the short trial but I have yet to really put it to the test in terms of eating and drinking wearing it as well as testing removal after a longer period of wear, though to be honest I expect it will stain quite a bit.

Final product for this month…



MUA Eyeshadow Palette

When I read the price of this I did a double take, this palette retails for just £4, I expected it to be at least £15 given it contains 12 gorgeous shades. They are all glittery, shimmery shades with the exception of one of the browns and although it says it is a chocolate palette it is actually three different mixable colour pairings. browns, pinks, and greys. I have used a few of the colours and have to say they mix really nicely and you could more or less get away with this as a one palette to travel with, the only thing you might need to add is a highlight as the palest shade is not quite bright enough for me for picking out the brow bone highlight. I really like this and I do want to check out their website to see what other products are available.

Over all I have be thrilled with the products this month and am sure that the eyeshadows and lipstick will get some use over the festive period.

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