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Vlogged Out

I have to apologise but for this week the vlog is cancelled!

So basically what happened was this, I filmed the vlog, but then I picked up my new computer from the shop,it actually arrived four days earlier than it was supposed to. I then wasted two days downloading windows 10 and my various programmes I use, the I tried to log into my Microsoft account to sort out my Office 365… nothing, just a blue circle of death until it eventually decided it was exhausted and timed out. I thought it might be my internet connection as some pages and upgrades had loaded, half an hour on the phone to Virgin media technician, still no resolution. Called the Knowhow team for PC world, he couldn’t understand what was going on either but agreed with my suspicion McAfee might be to blame. I decided to hang up on tech guy there would be a lot of sitting in silence during un-installing the programme and I could hear him making strange noises on the other end of the phone. So half an hour later programme un-installed I try a few sites again still no luck.

At this point I recall that though Windows 10 had worked perfectly on my laptop that had been upgraded from Windows 7, everyone I knew who complained about having issues had upgraded from Windows 8.1, queue genius idea!

I would use the recover previous version feature, it sounded so simple, I sat there waiting for it to do what it needed to and reboot, then it went to restart – and I got an error message, and I got it again and again. Finally I hit a button in panic which brought up a couple of options. I chose to try refreshing while saving my file. I had a melt down and posted a status to Facebook about wanting to cry, I picked the nail varnish off my fingers as I waited, then the moment of truth.

And yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It came back on, however I now needed to sort out all my stuff again so the vlog I filmed is sitting on a memory card and I really feel the moment has passed for it, but no fear because I have a couple of things up my sleeve, and next weeks vlog will include some footage from a very special day out I shall be having with the kids.

Right back to downloading software now and finding the licence codes for them, then some writing to be done before bed.

4 thoughts on “Vlogged Out

  1. ugh….aren’t we so lucky that technology makes our lives easier? glad you got it to work, at the least, hope the re-load isn’t too time consuming. good for you for hanging in and not giving up though…I think i may have been replacing the window that broke when I threw my laptop through it, had this been me. xo


  2. I’m so glad you managed it in the end. This coward has been toying with the idea of loading Windows 7 with the idea of upgrading to the free Windows 10 for weeks now but so many horror stories like yours have put me off.
    Looking forward to seeing the next vlog and hearing all about the special day.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. Have to be honest I upgraded laptop from windows 7 and it was brilliant no issues what so ever, everyone I know who has had issues has been doing what I tried yesterday going from Windows 8.1 to 10 will be a while before I try it again


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