Telly Box Tuesday

Why Keep Watching?

This was me during the day for Halloween…

safe_image.phpYes I know I could have dressed up and made an effort but I decided to go to work as I was lol.

That evening after dishing out chocolate eyeballs and answering the door with a monster sized Grim Reaper by my side, I settled down for an evening of TV. Now the last couple of weeks I have not really watched much as I have been so busy and as I have only a week left to get the edits finished I probably won’t watch much this week but it was Halloween so I think I deserved a night off.

First up was Doctor Who, the monster skipped this weeks as he is terrified of Zygons, every child should have a monster that scares them and as he loves Daleks, and Cybermen, it would appear that shape shifters scare him more than robotic style baddies. I loved it.

Next up I had a choice Most Haunted Live or Rocky Horror Live, well after a little emotional battle MH won though I have recorded Rocky Horror so I won’t really miss out. MH got the win as I actually had a friend who was there on set as she is a member of a paranormal group in that area but in a way this post is not about the shows themselves but the haters who watch them.

I get that when you watch a show for a while you begin to believe you know what you are getting and if the programme changes or evolves then you can feel put off. What I do not understand is watching a programme week in week out if you do not like anything about it, that people actually waste precious hours of their life to watch a programme they no longer enjoy just to be able to go on line and bitch about it afterwards. Now of course Doctor Who has always polarised opinions but that is nothing to the reactions to Most Haunted.

Now I love the show but I do not watch is as a serious paranormal investigation show, there are others out there that fill that role better, but I watch it for pure entertainment value. So as you can imagine a live show on Halloween has to be a must see for me, but I cannot understand the people who watched it for three and a half hours only so they could pick it apart and declare it all to be fake.  The fake debate is one for another day, I do not believe they fake it all but I do believe they over react for the cameras, hey this is TV after all. But given how short and fleeting life is why do so many people waste time on the negative, if you don’t like something don’t watch it, grab your remote and hit the button. And what is more why abuse those who have enjoyed a programme, insults have never yet made a person change their opinion to the best of my knowledge, live and let live.

And if you don’t want to believe things go bump in the night, don’t spend an eighth of a day watching a programme with Haunted in te title!

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