Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review September 2015

First lets start with the box for this month, it is gorgeous…


And a cute saying on the inside of the lid…


But enough fawning over the box lets see what was inside…


Like the last box I was generally excited by this box with one product I was not convinced by so we may as well start with that.


Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring

These reminded me of old fashioned phone cords and that it pretty much what they are.  They are supposed to be good for protecting and not damaging the hair and that may be true but for me they are not brilliant at keeping the hair tied up in the first place.

DSC01249As you can see I had to twist it round a few times and even then the pony tail felt loose, I could not imagine using these during strenuous activity like working out and my hair staying tied up. When I took it out it took ages to untangle it from itself and it had almost stretched to double the size but, and this is actually a very positive but, I would 100% use these for a shift at work when I was going out after.  Even though my hair was slightly damp when I put it up there was no kink left in sight when I took it out, if you have shorter hair that is not as heavy they may even feel more secure, at £4 for three bands they are expensive but just using them for special occasions they should last a while and will mean I can straighten my hair in the morning, and tie it back not having to worry about a huge wave when I take it down.

Next up…


Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Masque

Recently my hair has been terribly dry, ever since the incident with the hair chalk that would not wash out basically.  This product is quite expensive but a little goes a long way and if your hair is half decent using it as a once a month treat will make it last ages, and it did make my hair feel better just after one use though I think it may need a few more to feel normal again.  £18.95 as I say is higher in price than I would normally consider paying but actually I would think about buying this again if the results continue as they have begun.



Nails Inc Nail Polish in Uptown

You know more or less what you are getting with nail polish with the brand, Nails Inc is always a good one and I love this dusky rose colour. At £12 there are cheaper polishes out there and depending on how often and how long you keep a colour on can decide how much you spend, I don’t tend to buy expensive nail polishes because I can only wear them on days off and as I tend to do most of my housework then they get chipped as this one did.

DSC01251As I say I loved the colour and got really good coverage with one coat, the fact I only put one coat on might be the reason it chipped washing up but I would love to wear this on a night out but it is a little more of a summer colour for me. Would I buy it again, maybe if it was on offer, probably not at full price even though I like it, for me it would be money better spent on two or three cheaper ones in different colours.

So onto the next product…


Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro

I love getting brushes in my Glossybox and the reason is simple, I am far too tight to spend £16.70 on a brush like this in a shop.  I totally understand the difference in using good quality brushes and cheap ones, and that it can save you money on wasted make up but it is the actual handing money over bit that makes me feel guilty.  This one has fairly soft bristles…

DSC01242And as you can see has a nice tapered end for blending, and I have given it a quick try and it picks up shadow nicely. I love the fact I got this and loads of other stuff for less than the cost of just the brush.

And finally…


Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek

I love these shimmer powders, previously I received a bronze one so I was really excited to see this silver/pewter colour.  The one down side with these powders is the fall out, if you are not careful you end up with sparkles on your cheekbones as well as every where else, you can see it to some extent when I did this swatch on my arm.


At £12.99 it is expensive for just one colour but to be honest this is going to last you forever unless you are a 70’s disco queen.  I haven’t taken a photo wearing it yet because to be honest unless I am going out I would not use this, it is certainly not designed for quick every day use but the first night out I have I promise to put it on and instagram.

So overall another great month for me, the one downside is that after such awesome packaging this month next months plain pink box will look rather drab in comparison, I wish they could do different boxes each month even if it is just different shades of pink every other box and a fancy one between.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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