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Television Tuesday – What have you been watching?

It has been a strange week and at first I thought I had watched nothing then realised I had lol but I am curious to know what show are you loving at the minute? The monster had been counting down to the return of the Doctor and you just know that is going to feature in future weeks but as the first one is a two parter I shall leave it to discuss both parts together…


So this week I needed to catch up on some recorded programmes…

First sorry I could not find a trailer or a clip but I am pretty sure you will either have turned off fairly quickly or had a good rant at the television. I have only had one issue with neighbours and it was short lived, I cannot believe the depths some people will sink to in order to deliberately intimidate and destroy their neighbours and at the same time am amazed by others who cannot see they have done anything wrong.

So many times we seem to witness actions where we point out if you had written it in a book no one would find it believable, you cannot fathom the rational where a person spends their time obsessing over how to make their neighbours lives a misery but this seems to be something that is becoming increasingly the case.  I guess it is one of the downsides to technology that it gives people more ways to stalk, harass and persecute other people be it by social media or installing cameras to spy, yes it can be good and provide the evidence of wrong doing but it is sad we find ourselves increasingly in a world where people are always on the offensive or defensive and seems to forget that life is too short for worrying about someone else’s life and to get on with making the best of their own.


Now lots of you will remember my bitching about Maleficent , so it might surprise you my daughter got me to watch this..

I actually quite enjoyed it but my one real gripe, was the attempt to give the evil stepmother justification for her ill feeling towards Cinderella.  Now I totally understand the need for understanding behaviour in characters, especially in true murder and thriller but this is a fairy tale, the bitch is just supposed to be ‘evil’, we don’t need to understand her, feel sorry for her or understand in depth layers of her personality, it is not her story.  Okay rant over, overall I enjoyed it, I confess I am curious to see how they manage the ‘live’ action version of Beauty and the Beast am guessing that the way we are going with this needing to justify everyone’s actions the Beast will be lying on a couch with Lumiere acting as his shrink though.


If you don’t follow rugby league you might not understand the emotion of this one…

Danny Jones played for a team local to me, a former Huddersfield Giants player Paul March was his coach at Keighley Cougars.  I know Paul from his Giants day he is a really nice bloke and it is through knowing him that his becomes even more real to me than if it had been a player there were not tenuous connections to. You see what the connection gave me was the opportunity to see real outpourings of grief, not just for a young man who died while playing a sport but for his family, for twin babies who will never know their dad.  In a time when people are becoming increasingly selfish and more worried about their own it has been amazing to see the community pull together, buckets appeared at grounds all over not just his home ground, people threw in their change and even a few pennies has made a difference to create a trust fund for the twins. There is not the money in rugby that you see in football, the careers are often shorter and leave longer lasting injury problems but in terms of heart there is no comparison, you don’t have to worry about taking your kids to a rugby match, you don’t have to worry about being in town on a match day, family is everything to the rugby community. You can read more about the story here, but what I find most heartwarming is in the face of her own grief Lizzie’s priority is making heart test mandatory for every semi-pro player up and making sure that another family never has to go through her heartache if it can be prevented.

One thought on “Television Tuesday – What have you been watching?

  1. I don’t really watch TV anymore, but for some stupid reason, and I don’t even know what that reason might be, we’ve been watching Big Brother. I think I’m really more entertained by the fact that my little kids have caught on to how the game works, and they have their favorite players, and they don’t seem to like “mean girls” or “trouble-makers”… it’s funny watching them watch the show. I was thinking of going to see Cinderella too… Our town is having a similar bonding situation though- our star quarterback has been fighting cancer, and the town and even teams we play against have all joined forces to fight childhood cancer. Now that is pretty cool….


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