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Vlog Time #40 – Listen To My Voice

Normal service will be resumed next week I promise…

2 thoughts on “Vlog Time #40 – Listen To My Voice

  1. A bit of a disappointment that you decided to make it voice only this week Paula but I understand the reasons. Thought I have skype I would never turn the cameras on because of this huge pimple on my shoulders. Mind you, I never turn the voice on either because people would fall asleep while I stuttered.
    I haven’t read your book yet but I promise I bought it when it first came out.Obviously I couldn’t do the free download to ‘up’ your numbers.
    Talking of which………..I did a few of the Kindle freebies and as told that a 3 day stint was best. I did shoot up the charts in my own particular genre but it never lasts long of course. Also, unlike others,my downloads were in the low 100’s not the 1000’s. I think I reached about 450 or something in total. Maybe I did something wrong, didn’t advertise enough perhaps or maybe the genre isn’t popular enough.What I would say is don’t turn into me. Don’t let the figures discourage you. Keep writing. If you do any more freebies, tweet it well before the event, running up to the event and during the event using every source you can. Really get it out there. I’ll be happy to tweet for you as will all your friends i’m sure.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


    1. I think to be honest the three day thing probably is best and probably best done over a weekend as well. Am not really disappointed after all everything is a learning curve and if a few of those downloads leave a review then it is worth it a certainly going to begin promoting the next one a lot more prior to the event but also need to just start actually pushing the books a lot more full stop and stop worrying so much about upsetting friends by them seeing too many posts, if anything this proved to me that FB really does not show everything to every one lo,.

      The monstrosity on my chin is going down and as tonight I will have to slap make up on for the leaving do I might try a photo to include next week as well as the normal vlog.

      huge hugs xxxx


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