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Am still here!

Just a few lines, sorry for my silence last week was busy with family and friends and even missed doing a vlog but I promise I shall make it up to you over the next few weeks.  I have been writing in any spare time I have had and getting ready to get back into the school routine.

I shall do my best to give you a few posts this week but just incase you have missed me know I went out with this lot on Friday night for the lovely Sarah’s leaving do, and in a couple of weeks one of the twins in the photo will also be heading off for new adventures so I shall be forced to go out and enjoy good food and great company again. Damn life is just so hard at times lol!



3 thoughts on “Am still here!

  1. I agree life is hard at times but I know we can count on you to persevere. It’s vitally necessary not to let the side down by not going when the numbers are dwindling like this. So, for the sake of the team, grit your teeth and grin and bear it .
    Looks like a good time was being had by all so I suspect that includes you.Don’t worry too much about taking a week off, you’re entitled to a break but we’re keeping count of the number of days taken now.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. It is going to be tough but I shall force myself to do my duty lol am hoping to have some very special footage to share in this weeks vlog, well I think it is special anyway


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