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Television Tuesday – Love Comes In many Shapes.

I was going to use a different film this week but something happened the other day that has made me question interpretations. A guy stopped me in the street, initially because he thought he knew me from somewhere but then to tell me I was pretty and ask for my number.  I panicked!

You see this guy was good looking, obviously younger than me and with a rather nice physique.  You might wonder why these are all negatives, well the fact of the matter is I could not believe he was actually seeing me as I am.  That sounds strange I know given I was in full view in my lovely day job uniform and in broad daylight but I felt like he was totally out of my league and it was either candid camera or he was asking so he could have a laugh with his friends later.  And yes I know this makes me every bit as shallow as I was assuming he was, and I was judging purely on appearance but when something seems too good to be true isn’t that almost always the truth of the situation?

So on we go and you will see how this ties in this week…


This weeks choice will probably feature frequently in up coming weeks, yes it is the time of the year again the Bake Off Has commenced…

There have been two programmes so far cakes and biscuits and I know you are going to be scratching your heads trying to work out how I can tie a baking programme to me opening paragraph and to writing but really like everything in life it all comes down to ingredients.

Watching the programme you get the classics, the combinations that are tried and tested.  This also is like stories, the Beauty and the Beast theme, the Cinderella or Snow White plot lines, we all know them know who the characters should be and how the story unfolds just like a well tested recipe though of course even that can go wrong if the timing is out.  In many ways we treat life the same, we know what we are comfortable with, the types of people we normally gel with and it is easy to stay in that comfort zone.  The fact is that the variety of ingredients is growing greater and greater as the world becomes a smaller place.  People meet online every day, I know a couple of couples who have taken the chance on transatlantic love, for some it has worked better than others but they dared to take a chance to believe in a person they have only met in a cyber world, should it then be so hard to trust in what we see before us, to believe that it is worth a chance of throwing two ingredients together than we would think would taste horrible just in case is creates something fabulous?


I remember going to see this in the cinema with my best friend and our partners at the time, both of whom are now ex’s, we enjoyed it, they both started whining half way through about how long it was…

I think this is a film which grows on you the more you watch it. The first time you watch it there seem to be too many stories, to much going on, so many twists that it is hard to follow an overall plot, then the second time you realise like real life there is no plot, there are only stories, stories that intersect, overlap and and characters that play longer more important roles than others.  The film begins with more endings than conventional start points but it also proves the old adage that as one door closes another one opens.  The best thing about this the layering, the way you have the same theme played out in variations each adding something to the whole.

My only slight issue is the length, any of the story threads could have made a film of their own but wrapped together two and a half hours seems a reasonable length the problem is that when you are watching the first time trying to take everything in it can seem a little much.  This is a film that need rewatching much like classic novels which need a few reads before you soak up all the nuances that make it outstanding, if you have not watched this film I recommend you watch it then get it on DVD and watch it a few more times and if nothing else it has Colin Firth, do I really need to say more?


Just to remind us that sometimes we don’t need to think too deeply things can just be exactly what they say they are and nothing more than a bit of fun…

6 thoughts on “Television Tuesday – Love Comes In many Shapes.

      1. Aw damn. I get it, but that just makes it worse. Next time take a chance and take a friend (safer that way)…you won’t ever know if you don’t. There really ARE good ones out there


  1. All I can say is that I’m glad there are young men with good taste. Don’t be so hard on yourself Sweetie.
    I haven’t seen the bake off. Usually at that time I’d be here tapping away.
    I think I’ve seen Love Actually and didn’t have a problem with it. Does that make me unusual?
    I’m not much help as I don’t watch much TV and when I do it’s antiques or quizzes. Sorry.
    One thing you can be sure of though is plenty of Hugs.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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