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Televisions Tuesday – Podcast Edition

I have not really been watching TV I have been sat at the computer a lot over the last few weeks and listening to podcasts so I decided this week to share a few of my favourites.

I have mentioned the Serial podcast before which explores the murder of Hae Min Lee, and if you have not listened to it you should check it out before the first two podcasts I am going to discuss. Click the logos to visit their websites.



This is a follow on from the Serial podcast and is very much in the Adnan is innocent camp, however they are all professional people and their bias is based in the evidence, only one of the three hosts has a personal link to the case.  These people would damage their own careers by arguing a case just for the sake of it, this is an indepth analysis of the evidence or lack of it.  There are times when because the are law professionals they get into discussions which for us mere mortals are hard to keep up with but once you get used to their style of discussion you find your self able to follow along easier each week and learning lots of things about the American law system.


Serial Dynasty

This is also as the title suggests a follow on from the Serial podcast but it is done from a completely different angle.  Bob the host is a firefighter and fire investigator it is this skill set he bring to the case, he begins from a completely neutral viewpoint and allows the evidence along with his own experience or working through the investigation process to go through not only the evidence produced by the other related podcasts but also looks at what he can find out for himself and encourages his audience to join in with him exploring every possibly avenue looking for evidence to support the case in either direction.


The Generation Why

This one is a little different,rather than just focusing on one subject it takes a different topic each week, be it a crime, a conspiracy or just an area of society they feel deserves discussion.  The discuss subjects as diverse as alien intervention to disclosure procedures in court.  You are not always going to get the full facts with this show, they research it enough to be able to form their own opinions and that is what they share with you , their thoughts and opinions, you might not agree but it is like listening to friends share their thoughts  and raises interesting points of view.


Strangeness In Space

And the final one is at the minute a one episode delight but episode two should be with us soon. People say put your money where your mouth is well I did with this as a backer in the Kickstarter to get it made. Not going to say much other than mention it stars Doctor Who former companion Sophie Aldred and Trev & Simon of kids TV fame and it is totally amazing!


I will definitely have watched TV by next week as Bake Off returns to our screens and I will once again be hooked!

Let me know your thoughts.......

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