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Disintegration & Other Stories – Shameless Self Promotion

Well launch day is creeping up and I have of course made a few errors along the way (you will hear about those on Wednesday stay tuned). Overall I am feeling more excited than scared today but it is still early and that could change.

If you have been living under a rock this last couple of weeks you might wonder what I am waffling about well it is this…


This book thing I wrote.  Well adapted, most of the pieces started life as 500 word flash fictions and have been reworked, reworded and renovated to bring you a collection of short stories that you can read on the bus, in you lunch break, in fact if you are a quick reader you might even get through the whole book in your lunch hour if you skip the lunch part. And I promise you, you can actually read it on the bus there are no embarrassing bits, well there is one nipple but that is all, and also there are no bits that are going to make you cry, though I cannot promise you might not giggle.

So why should you buy this book when there are so many out there I hear you say? Well firstly one can never have too many books and any hidden on a Kindle really don’t count anyway. Secondly because if you are hear and enjoying reading this there is a really good chance you will enjoy my writing, therefore it a bonus for both of us. And thirdly, it is cheap, well compared to a Roll Royce or a ticket to New York and that means it is worth taking a chance you will enjoy it.

If you have been convinced by now to take a chance on a lunatic very nervous first time self publishing author then these as the link things…



And if you get it and read it then please let me know what you think, you can find me lurking just about everywhere on Social Media, if you love it leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads is always nice thing to do for an author, if you didn’t like it and have constructive criticism I will hear that as well, though I may stick my fingers in my ears and go LALALALALa at the same time 😀


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