2. Tuesday · Telly Box Tuesday

Television Tuesday – Tennis. Tennis and more Tennis.

I could pretend I have watched films and Youtube videos but this week I would be lying! More or less all I have watched is tennis.  I have been listening to a few podcasts while writing but other than that I have been cheering Federer on.  Now I know a few might raise your eyebrows there and question why not Murray, well truth be told I prefer Federer as a player, a sportsman and personality wise plus Murray was shouting his mouth off for wanting Scottish independence, now of course he wants to be British again and have the crowd support, well sorry if you want to have principles that is fine but if you want respect stand by them don’t chance you mind like you change you rackets.

Off to watch more tennis now normal TV reviews will be resumed next week.

6 thoughts on “Television Tuesday – Tennis. Tennis and more Tennis.

  1. Have to disagree! We see this the other way round. Murray is reported as British when he wins, Scottish when he loses. He is still both, as am I. Also, he carefully kept out of the independence debate most of the time, making one comment the night before the referendum – for which he received a death threat (or rather he was told he should have died at Dunblane). Where I do entirely agree with you is that Federer is awesome! I’d like to see them both in the final, though the draw has made that impossible. Semis then. Djokovic is ok, but not one of my favourites. I’d like Roger to beat Sampras record of Wimbledon titles, but I’m not sure he has that final push left in him. We’ll see!


    1. Would love to see that record smashed was not a fan of Sampras, he always reminded me of magnolia paint, he got the job done but didn’t really seem to have much of a personality.


  2. I know you tennis fans need your day but do you need both BBC channels for it? I’m missing my favourite programmes between about 4.30 pm -6.30 pm and it’s diminishing me as a person. I’m getting smaller by the day until I might disappear altogether. Please let me have one channel back……….
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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