Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review June 2015

I am going to be honest I was really disappointed when I saw the contents of this months box but a couple of products have grown on me a little, so here we go…

2015-06-15 13.12.17

I am going to start with the negatives and build up to the more positive aspects, so let’s begin…

2015-06-15 13.13.21Essence The Gel Nail Polish

As you can see I got the red one but I don’t think my opinion would have changed with any of the other shades, I do feel bad because the full size product only costs £1.71 but I guess that in part probably explains some of my issues with the product.  To be fair it went on okay, dried fairly quickly and lasted okay but here is the issue the coverage was rather like a kids play nail varnish.  Even after two coats you could still see through it, great if you want a french manicure with a neutral shade but from a vibrant colour you want better coverage.  to be fair and ensure I was not being swayed by knowing the price I got my daughter to try it, she did one finger and hated it.  Given the generally high quality of other polishes they have included previously this was a huge disappointment,

Next up….

2015-06-15 13.12.38

Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes

Now I can hear you all saying what could a packet of wipes have done to offend? Well nothing, really nothing, the wipes are pleasant, nicely packaged, but they are just… well wipes! I could buy a full size packet for the same price as this travel pack which costs £1.20, yes travel size is handy but they have been available in supermarkets and chemists forever. I just did not feel they were worthy of a place in the box, sorry.

Next up mixed feelings…

2015-06-15 13.12.25

GLOSSYBOX Flash Tattoos

They price these at £6.50 but as they are their own design it is hard to say how accurate that value is.  First the patterns I loved them I thought they were elegant, funky and I would happily wear them and then it all went wrong.  I should have take a picture to demonstrate but I will have to do it with the pictures I have, they are supposed to last up to a week but to be honest I would only put them on for a night out, they do not last well after a bath. So to try one out I decide to cut one of the Glossybox logos from its strip after all these were the ones I would be least likely to wear as a band…

2015-06-15 13.14.13

As you can see cute design, intricate detailing so onto my arm it went…

2015-06-15 13.15.22

Went on okay, looked pretty and sparkly but I refer you to the first picture, unless you are a small child these bands are not going round your arm or even as they suggest your wrist.  And the wrist suggest of layering with loads of bangles… erm wouldn’t they scratch off the tattoo.  These had the potential to be amazing but measuring about 3 and a half inches there is not much you can do with them. Hopefully I will find a way to utilise them as they are really pretty but at the minute just can’t see how.

On a more positive note…2015-06-15 13.12.59

Kueshi Anticellulite Booster

I received the full size tube costing £14.55 and I am still not quite sure about it.  It goes on really nicely and my skin feels wonderful afterwards, some days I think I see a difference, others I don’t. My problem with creams like this is I am never sure if it is the actual cream doing the work or the fact when you buy it you make the effort for the first few weeks at least to use it as directed.  By that my question is, is it the cream working or the fact you are massaging something into your skin twice a day?  Would I buy it again, not sure, price wise it is mid range for what it claims to do so that would not put me off, I think possibly it will require further use and keeping up with using it to see if it really does deliver. I did consider doing one leg with this and the other with a basic body cream but decided against it just incase it is the cream, I don’t want one bumpy leg and one smooth one lol.

And finally…

2015-06-15 13.12.49

Monuspa Rosewood Reviving Mist

Why is it all the things I like cost so much? I looked at this when it came in the box and looked straight past it not thinking much of it, little did I know it would become my favourite product this month.  The full size is £11.95 for 100ml but I wish it was available in the 50 ml bottle we received in the box as it fits so nicely in my make up bag but I guess I could refill this from a bigger one.  It is the third product I have had from this company and I have loved them all. I tried it first as a make up setting spray, one of the uses it suggests and it worked quite well but then the weather started warming up and I have fallen in love with it, it leaves you feeling refreshed, I am tempted to re-buy this especially if we are actually in for a hot summer.

So as you can see not the best box I have received but this was labelled as the ‘festival’ box so maybe if I had been heading to one I might have felt differently about some of the products, hopefully next month will be back to more hits than misses.

4 thoughts on “Glossybox Review June 2015

  1. I’ve enjoyed your reviews of these boxes so much, I signed up for monthly boxes from Birch Box. My first box had a hair/body hydrating wash, a lovely body cream, a skin enhancer make-up base, a perfume sample that I loved, and a 3-minute facial peel. I’m tickled with everything. I would have never thought to do this if it hadn’t been for you. 🙂

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    1. Am so glad they have been helpful, sometimes you do the odd box where you are disappointed but then you also can find new favourites the misting spray is becoming a real life saver at the minute with the heat here, 😀 Maybe you can either do your own review or maybe an unboxing video


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