8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #31 – Bird Talk

Hope you all enjoy this weeks vlog…

3 thoughts on “Vlog Time #31 – Bird Talk

  1. Wonderful birdsong Paula. You’re quite right that what you’re about to do is scary.It’s hard to have faith in yourself if you see people aren’t buying the book. But, take it from me, you have to look at the positives of people who are buying the book, even if there are few of them. Millions of readers in the world but we only reach a handful. What will make a difference is that first reader who actually gives a good review. It bolsters you up no end.
    When I put my first book out it was more or less intended for family and friends, after all, who’d want to read me.? But steadily others did buy it and some gave good reviews so others bought too. Even the daft book I wrote as my cat or the silly poems written for my grandson have sold a few and I’m content. What’d been better for me is getting to know such wonderful people, some of whom are now firm friends. there will always be positives.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. Hey Paula,

    I think you have a cool overgrown wild garden that birds, butterflies and other critters love and maybe your book will be a little unusual too. I just caught you quickly this morning and followed. Thanks for your open advice on this process you fear, but are doing anyway. Nice going.



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