Me And Mine

Available on Pre-release!


Here is the blurb bit…

A series of short stories about when the fairy tale ends and everything falls apart. Love, death and revenge all feature in these tales where not everything is as it seems…

You can find me and the book on here here

And the book is available across all Amazon market places.  If anyone speaks French or German and wants to check out the translation on those pages please let me know if Google translate has done a good job.

As announced yesterday the release date will be… drumroll please…

Saturday 1st August 2015

I thought these stories would make quite a good beach/holiday read.  They are short enough you can pick it up read a page or two and put it down without losing your thread and although there are no happy endings, well there are a couple that will make you smile. Please give me your feed back, does the blurb need more? Does the bio on my author pages read okay?

3 thoughts on “Available on Pre-release!

  1. Well done, Paula! I’d love to know more about your stories via your blurb – maybe a line or two about just a couple of the stories. Your photos are perfect! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy! 🙂


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